A New Prophet

We are now living in an age of miracles and revelation. God speaks to the earth through his chosen prophets, just as He did anciently. New updates come on a regular basis from the heavenly realm. Isn’t that the most exciting and remarkable thing in the world? We are now entering a new era of leadership. Thomas S. Monson has become the chosen prophet for our time. He is God’s mouthpiece on the earth, and he also becomes the 16th President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. President Monson is a man that has been carefully prepared all of his life by the Lord for such a weighty task. He approaches this new calling with integrity and wisdom. I am looking forward to hearing him speak to us formally. Our first opportunity will probably be in the upcoming General Conference of the Church on April 5th and 6th. What will he be inspired to tell us? What direction and counsel will be of most importance from the Lord at this point in time? I do not know the words that he will say, but I do know the feeling that I will have when I hear them. It will be the same familiar and powerful inner peace I have always felt throughout my life when truth is near. It is a feeling which pours through my heart and surrounds me like a warm hug, confirming the words I am hearing come from Jesus Christ. I am filled with equal parts of excitement and peace to know that we will soon hear those words and experience those comforting feelings again.

“Prepared to Serve”

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