Mormon Temples In-depth

Many are curious about the Mormon Temples. There are questions regarding the origins, theology, ceremonies and rituals. Questions such as “Can I go inside of a Mormon Temple?”, “What are Mormon weddings like?”, “Is it true Mormons baptize for the dead?”, or “What is the purpose of a Mormon Temple?” all regularly surface on the internet. Although members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are eager to answer questions and clarify misconceptions, it is a broad subject which often cannot be fully satisfied with just a few simple answers.

LDS Bountiful Utah Temple

This page is designed to more fully answer your temple questions and offers the opportunity for in-depth temple study. Additionally, this information is intended to allay any possible fears, concerns or misconceptions you may have. Instead, I hope you discover new insight, respect, reverence and understanding on this beautiful and sacred subject.

There may be much more information here than interests you. Please think of this page as a banquet table that I have set out. You may select the portions that interest you. Conversely, you may wish to feast on all of the information over several visits. I invite you to return as often as you like, as there is much to absorb.

Between Heaven and Earth video

In 2002 the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints released a documentary about Temples called “Between Heaven and Earth”.

Respected international religious scholars were invited to participate, adding fascinating commentary and insight as a part of this comprehensive film. Among the notable authorities featured are Frank Moore Cross (Harvard Divinity School), Krister Stendahl (Emeritus Lutheran Bishop of Stockholm), Lawrence Schiffman (Hebrew Studies NYU), John Lundquist, Truman Madsen, President Boyd K. Packer, and Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, among others.

The entire length is 44 minutes. It has been broken down into five sequential segments. Headings designate subject matter covered.

Part One: Temples Ancient and Modern

Part Two: Temple Worship

Part Three: Temple Symbols and Eternal Families

Part Four: Temple Vicarious Work – Baptisms for the dead

Part Five: Mormon Temples – Building, Open House, Dedication

This film can be ordered online for a minimal fee. I give thanks to the authors of Millenial Star and to the marvelous Temple Study folks for previously sharing this information.


  1. I need to study substancially more before Ican make any inteligent comment or opinion. What I do believe whole-heartedly is that Joseph Smith was led to the Brass Tablets & Stones(Crystals) by our Lord. I study to learn; I need to learn to act.


    1. James – I appreciate your comment. I have found the more time I invest studying the restored gospel, the stronger my belief becomes. Best wishes in your studies!


  2. Dear MoSop,

    I never realized there were five temple videos. I just viewed one I’d never seen before. Thanks for putting them into this post of yours. I’ll come back to view the others. I’ve always enjoyed the remarks of Krister Stendahl, the minister from Sweden and the other minister’s comments about how good it is that the Mormons have revived the building and use of temples!

    Neil Birch


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