Who Are You?

I have a little tool installed on this site called “StatCounter”, and it’s kind-of nerdy & fun to watch it off and on. It has a cool page with a world map, and whenever any of you visit my site a little red arrow is placed on your location. When I click on the red arrow, it tells me your city / state and/or country. Now don’t worry; it’s nothing creepy. It doesn’t tell me your name, address and first-born child. It’s just a way to see where most of my traffic comes from. I like to think about all of my “little red arrows” out there. I wonder about whom you are, and what your lives are like. What is your biggest joy and your greatest challenge right now? I wonder how you found my site, and what you thought of the page you visited. I wonder if you read my site in English, or used one of those nifty translation aggregaters out there (and did it translate OK, or make me sound weird?) 
So, just for fun, here is a sampling of the past few days’ visitor arrows:

1. “Asmara, Maekel, Eritrea” I have never heard of this country. Not because you are not important, but because I am very narrow-scoped in my global skills –However it looks like you live between Sudan and Ethiopia. Your country flag is very pretty.

Thank you for lighting up that corner of my map. Please come back

2. An island (or maybe you are on a boat!?) way off the coast of Nigeria – so remote it says “unknown”, but there you are on my map, very close to the equator line, and you have made multiple visits. Wow. I would love to hear from you!

3. Lagos, Nigeria

4. A New Yorker who checks every day (my biggest fan obviously other than my mother. I love you whoever you are)

5. Aguascalientes Mexico(how do you pronounce that city?) Hola!

6. OuluOulu Finland. My father served his mission in Finland and survived 3 winters. He still speaks your language very well 40 years later (because it was so difficult to learn, he doesn’t want to lose it) He came to the new LDS temple dedication last year, which was a very special occasion in his life, so I feel a unique bond to you

7. Denmark, another very special bond – I am Danish on my mother’s side (Christensen line)… I also love your pastries

8. Philippines – several of you who come often. Very cool

9. The Asian Contingent: Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Thailand, Japan

10. Oahu, Hawaii – Aloha!

11. Venezuela and Trinidad/Tobago (sorry to put you on the same line, you looked close on my little map)

12. My Euro Contingent: Spain, Germany, France, Belgium, Austria, a large bunch of you in the UK, and two in Ireland

13. East Euro: Kiev Ukraine, Bucharest Romania, and Poland

14. Australia – Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane G’day Mates!

15. Christchurch, New Zealand

16. USA – there are so many arrows that I cannot click on all of you anymore.It is all one red mass…(it is also a small map) However, I notice my east coast and California, and Texas are heavily represented. I don’t have anyone yet from the North Dakota area (as far as I can tell, that is the only state holding out) – the rest of the lower 48, I salute you

17. BYU Hawaii – another Aloha!

18. North Pole, Alaska (yes, really, North Pole) Santa Claus is keeping an eye on me

19. “O Canada…”…(someday I will visit you and sing your stirring national anthem to you) Vancouver and Saskatchewan respectively this week.

20. Hamilton, Bermuda

21. The Grenadines (3 of you)

22. Capetown and Johannesburg South Africa (someday I will come on Safari with you)

23. India(Lucknow Uttur Pradesh, Bangalore, New Delhi & Chennai)

24. Afganistan and Packistan (are you soldiers or locals I wonder?)

25. Republic of Korea

26. Manama, Bahrain

27. Brazil and Peru (several of you)

28. Attard, Malta – I like saying that country, it reminds me of Malted milkshakes

29. Mauritania – I like saying that country, too

30. Tonga

31. Samoa

32. Cote D’ivoire (Ivory Coast)

33. No One From Greenland, Iceland or the Antarctic yet (do you have internet there?)– But all the other continents are represented!

I am now giving all of you a very loud standing ovation…


I may have missed some of you, so don’t be offended. This was only five days worth of mapping. But there you have it. My little ‘big brother’ tool lets me know that you are out there and have stopped by. But, you are mostly a very silent group!! I have noticed that on many other blogs with high response rates they keep things a bit spicy and generally controversial. I don’t choose to go down that road. I prefer peaceful living. So, perhaps my site is not “exciting” enough to merit responses. If so, that could be for the best I suppose.
I don’t mean to sound whiny over this, because I really don’t mind (mostly). Honest. I am thrilled that you have decided to stop by, and I get really excited when you actually choose to come back.

Now you may be wondering, (or suspicious), why do I want to know who you are? A fair question. Well, two main reasons.

1. The simple answer: You are a mystery, and it is human nature to become very curious about mysteries.

2. The more complex answer: I believe that we are all children of God. Literally. God is our Father in Heaven, and we are his children. Thus, that makes us all brothers and sisters. One giant earth family. I have two brothers and two sisters in my immediate family. We are all extremely different from each other. We even look different (because more than half of us were adopted). I am the oldest child, and I am also the shortest. We have different likes and dislikes, and share different beliefs. However, we love each other completely. We share a family bond that can never be broken. We would never intentionally harm each other. We give each other the benefit of the doubt. When we have to, we agree to disagree. We respect each other and help each other. We laugh together and cry together. Imagine what our world would be if we all felt this way about each other! If we remembered that we are all truly brothers and sisters. And so, that is how I feel about you as I look at your little red arrows lighting up my map. I think of you, and I feel a bond to you even though we don’t know each other and will probably never meet. You are like long-lost family members. I think it would be cool to make some sort of connection with you.

So, just for fun, do you think you could drop me a line and tell me something about yourself? What kind of work do you do? What is your favorite food? (do they have milk shakes where you live?) How did you find my blog? Do you have a blog? (let me know, and I will visit and leave a comment!) Have you ever been to the USA, or Utah (my state)? If you could go anywhere, where would it be? (I think I would start with Malta…because that milk-shake thing is making me hungry…).
You can use an alias. You can tell us your city, or your state, or your country or region. But if that is too personal, you could choose to identify yourself by Continent…or just by planet or solar system if you like…a “Kilroy was here / Child of God was here” kind of thing.
Any language is welcome for your response! You do not have to comment in English! (we will all have fun googling the translation in our various languages)
Ok, and while you are at it, just for kicks, you could also share your favorite song on the interfaith playlist post. (so far my friends, it is not faring too well) –that is probably pushing it, wait…don’t run away…never mind!!!! 
Ok. That’s all. Thank you for making my day by coming and putting little red arrows all over my little map, whether you comment or not, I still love you…..


but….I would really love to hear from you!


  1. I’m your Texas groupie. You actually found my blog first, and have left a number of insightful and uplifting comments (thank you, by the way). I already posted on your interfaith playlist, but I could spend all day listing my “favorite” songs.


  2. Yee-Haw! I knew I could count on you, pardner. Should I call you Tex now? Thank you for all your great comments and for being a really cool Bro.


  3. Hi there. My name is Eric Nielson and I live in south central Michigan. I am married and have four children – all boys. I am a Mechanical Engineer working at a machine builder. I go tme degree at the University of Idaho. Lately I have been a steak and potatos guy. They have milkshakes in Michigan. I found your blog through nothing wavering. I run the small and simple blog, and I contribute to blogger of jared and waters of mormon. I have been to Utah many times. If I could travel anywhere I think it would be Greece.

    Nice blog. Keep up the good work.


  4. Eric, great to meet you! I have some friends who live outside of Detroit. Someday I will come for a visit and we can all go out for milkshakes together. I visited your site. It is very smart and witty, and some of your posts made my brain hurt – in a good way – as I am positive that my “thinking cells” have now stretched & I am smarter just by association.

    Come back soon!


  5. Things that MoSop is welcome to call me as she sees fit:
    *Sweet (for short)
    *Pardner (though I will point out that Country is one of the select few genres of music I never listen to voluntarily)
    *Little Brother (the “little” part is important because I know I’m younger than you and this helps me forget that I once considered “thirty-something” ancient; also, it’s the name of Mulan’s dog, which amuses me).
    *That Nut who Stalks my Blog

    Things MoSop may not call me (because I have a short span of attention):
    *Long-lost pal


  6. Hi,
    I found you through my daughter’s blog, because you commented. (I ran the 5K Bryce Canyon race) Just wondered if you know Janeen Green in the choir. I believe she sings 1st or 2nd sop. Also, Art Hovely. If you do, tell them Hi from the Henry’s in Pasco, WA


  7. Thanks Sweet-Little-Tex-Pardner-Brother-Nut…

    …hey wait…did you just creatively dis my advanced years?! NO WAY! hahahahaha

    Hi Sister Henry – I enjoyed your daughter’s heroic post – I will look up your friends and tell them that they have been sent Washingtonian greetings.


  8. I live in Utah and go to the choir as often as I can. My favorite types of music are the hymns and classical, favorite music group is the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, favorite instrument is the cello.

    I don’t remember how I found your blog but I’m glad I did. I always check your blog last because it is peaceful, positive and upbeat.

    I have you on my blog roll and several of my readers are from India. I hope all your readers put you on their blog rolls to help spread the good word.


  9. I’ve been a regular visitor for several months. I think you visited me first. One of the secrets to successful blogging is to leave comments on the blogs of others. Carol and I toured the Conference center last week on vacation. The tour guide was a member of the choir and a soprano. I asked her if she knew you. She said yes but that she is very tall and stands in the back while you are in the front.

    I see you have a category of Carla Wood. Carol wanted me to mention that she was taught by Carla back before her mission. She was in our stake many years ago. Because of her help and encouragement, Carol’s singing is one of the great joys of my life. She is greatly missed and left a legacy that continues today in Classical Singer magazine.


  10. Janet – You are a peach! I always enjoy your comments. I wonder if your Indian friends must be some of my Indian visitors? Because although I have many friends who are Americans with India heritage (How do you say that without saying “American Indian”? LOL!) I don’t know anyone who actually lives in India (and how do you, I am wondering?) But I digress…
    Anyway, I am so happy that you find my site peaceful. It is one of my main goals. I hope that you keep returning and keep leaving nice comments. I love you!


  11. Tim! Another one of my faithful bloggy friends. Thank you for commenting. I love your “tour” story. Did you enjoy your visit to Utah? Isn’t the Conference Center awesome? I’m always totally amazed by it.

    How wonderful that Carol studied with Carla! In my “former life” I was a classical singer who pursued the career dream for quite a long while (until the Lord told me He had a different idea). Carla and I got very close through our mutual friend and teacher Betty-Jeanne Chipman. Carla used to sit in on my lessons from time to time and gave wonderful suggestions. She and I shared a special bond. I have also read Classical Singer Magazine for years, and attended their wonderful conventions, both of which have had a powerful influence on me. When Carla was diagnosed with the brain tumor it was just heartbreaking and shocking. It was so sudden, and just the last thing anyone would ever imagine happening. She was such a vibrant and powerful force on the earth that it was hard to imagine she could ever leave! Carla absolutely did leave a beautiful legacy. Her funeral touched my heart, because it was a chance to realize how much she accomplished in her short life, and how many people she influenced for good. (sadly, I don’t think she ever realized that). We all have to die someday (it’s wierd how we like to forget that), so I hope that when my time comes I will have lived at least half the life that Carla Wood did.

    Keep coming back, Tim & Carol (and commenting of course) 🙂


  12. Hey Mormon Soprano!

    I’m up in the Seattle, WA area. I can’t remember how we first were connected. I think you commented on my site a few months back and I thought it was awesome that you were in the Choir. I remember telling all my friends that someone from the Choir had commented on my site.

    By the way, how do you get one of those cool map things? I get a lot of people on my site, but don’t know where they’re from. This is pretty fun!

    Take care!


  13. Hi Ama! I love the Northwest. And you have a great website. To get a mapping tool, there are probably many different sites. However, I like Statcounter. You may click on the icon I have in my sidebar, or go to statcounter dot com. There you can sign up for a free account and it will instruct you how to embed the code into your blog widgets.


  14. Hi, this is to an old blog, but I was searching for Carla Wood and your site came up. This sounds crazy, Carla is my sister and sometimes cause I miss her like crazy, I do searches for her. One of your commenters said you had her listed, and I was searching to see if you had any of her performances on your blog. I wasn’t able to find the mentioned link. Anyway, if you do, I would sure like to hear from you. I have the links from classical singer just searching for more. It was great to hear how you knew her – Thanks, Cathy Williamson Winward


    1. Hello Cathy – welcome! I loved Carla so much. It is very sweet to hear from her sister. Unfortunately, I do not have any of her performances on the site, but I would love to feature her. I will send you a message off-line. Love, MoSop


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