Faith In Cameroon

On Sunday August 7, 2005 President Gordon B. Hinckley dedicated the Aba Nigeria LDS Temple .

Cameroon LDS Temple Trip 2005
Cameroon LDS Temple Trip 2005

Two weeks later an excited and courageous group of Latter-day Saints from Cameroon boarded two mini-buses and headed to Nigeria to receive the sacred blessings contained in a temple of the Lord. The two branches of the Church in Cameroon are Douala and Yaounde. Members from both branches were included in this trip.

As the crow flies, Aba is only about 175 miles west of Douala. Douala is 125 miles west of Yaounde. However, the roads from Douala to Aba are not direct, nor are they paved. Accompanied by a local missionary couple, Elder and Sister Badger, these saints set off on a real life adventure which would turn into a 64 hour journey and trial of their faith.

Over 150 years ago, as the early Mormon pioneers were slogging through axle deep mud in southern Iowa, Brother William Clayton penned a poem which would become the beloved hymn, “Come, Come, Ye Saints”. It seems a very fitting accompaniment while watching images of this modern pioneer journey:


  1. I appreciate this post so much. Last night was my ward’s temple night at the Salt Lake temple, about an hours drive from my home. It was poorly attended to say the least. I’m sad that so many where I live take the temple for granted. I appreciate that this was shared here. God bless all those on that trip from Cameroon.


  2. good Evening dear,
    I am Arnauld , 27, living in Douala.I learned a lot about Christ Latest days saint gospel on internet.
    I will like to find a contact there to learn more.I went to Denver douala branch many times but the church was always closed.Please do I need a Rdv?Please if possible contact me

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    1. Hello Arnauld, welcome to my website, and it is great to hear from you! There are missionaries living in your area who can help you learn more about the church and they will give you the correct time to attend a meeting at the chapel. I have sent you a private message. You can also always chat LIVE with a church member at


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