LDS General Conference

Fall is in the air, and that means it’s time for Conference!

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints holds two large General Conferences per year. These are held during the first weekends of April and October each year. Over the course of two days there will be 5 two-hour sessions. The first session begins Saturday October 4th at 10:00 am Mountain Time. Check out the Time Zone Countdown.

All of my life, I have been filled with anticipation and excitement for Conference. When I was younger, it meant that I could sleep a little later on Sunday morning, and watch church on TV in my pajamas. 🙂

As I got older it took on a much more meaningful and sacred significance.

The beautiful messages of the prophet and apostles often seem directed right to me personally. I receive guidance for my own personal struggles or worries. Most importantly, each special weekend fills up my ‘spiritual batteries’, and gives me a renewed strength to face the struggles of life.

The Choir

This weekend is going to be especially significant for me personally, as I will have the tremendous responsibility and privilege to sing in three of the five sessions. I will also be performing Music and the Spoken Word on Sunday Morning (9:30 am Mountain Time). All of the music for this Conference was carefully and lovingly chosen. I am anxious to share these beautiful songs with the world. I approach this assignment prayerfully. I hope that this gift of music will touch each soul, and help all who listen feel closer to our Savior Jesus Christ, and to heaven.

SLC Temple Square

Although each General Conference is organized for the members of the LDS faith, it is not limited to members alone! All the world is invited and encouraged to join. You may attend a live session on Temple Square, listen by radio, watch on local or satellite television, and anyone throughout the whole world with internet access can view through online streaming! Each session is offered in MANY languages! Please check the links I have included throughout this post to find what works best for you. These are wonders and marvels of our modern age! What a gift. Go to THIS WEBPAGE for all viewing and streaming information.

I invite you to come, and listen to a living prophet’s voice this weekend! Hear the beautiful music and messages of peace, and find spiritual renewal.


  1. How wonderful! I’m a little bit envious of you… I admit it:-)

    I have sung, on occasion – in a few very “special” choirs. These experiences are among my most cherished spiritual experiences.

    I too, look forward to General Conference – for so many very personal reasons.



  2. Interesting. Correct me if I get the fact wrong: I think this is the first or second general conference for LDS church after the passing of Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley. I notice Pres. Monson is quite low-profile. He hasn’t done much trips oversea. Maybe it is time for him to walk out and build his own legacy.

    Also I notice there has been a lot challenging to Mormonism, like the Men on Mission Calendar and the attempt to block same-sex marriages in the state of California. The general conference will be a good opportunity to discuss those topics.

    Disclosure: I am a non-Mormon resident of Utah, considering myself moderate to liberal politically.


  3. Nana – thank you for sharing your enthusiasm!

    Cool Kid – Thankyou so much for sharing your comments. You are correct, this is the second General Conference since President Hinckley passed away in January. You bring up a valid observation: reports of Pres. Monson’s activities have not been published much, and his legacy is certainly just beginning as president. I do know that many of his acts of service are done very quietly. It has been a hallmark of his character throughout his life to reach out to others without the media and public hearing about it. However, I do believe Pres. Monson’s work and legacy will be very significant and exciting to watch. Pres. Hinckley even prophesied this before his death. This weekend’s Conference will certainly contain messages that all will want to listen carefully to! I hope you will watch and share your impressions!


  4. I used to miss watching those Conferences being broadcasted live via satellite! 😦 Now that I am in a new stake, where we have no satellite dish at our stake centre, I have to wait until the videos come out a few weeks later….. It’ll be interesting to find out what the topics are going to be this time……


  5. It’s interesting how we all hear different themes. I seem to be hearing a lot about caring for the poor and magnifying our Priesthood callings. All three members of the first Presidency spoke heavily about magnifying out Priesthood callings in the Priesthood session. Pres. Eyring told us that when we feel overwhelmed, we should remember that the more faithfully we serve, the more responsibility the Lord will give us. I think we all had to temper our first gut reactions by remembering Pres. Uchtdorf’s message about “those who hide.”


  6. Sweet – you are correct, there were a lot of themes this time. Perhaps the most important theme was to draw close to Jesus Christ, for it is by and through Him all things are possible.

    Elaine & Lorena, thanks for your comments. I hope that you had a wonderful Conference experience


  7. I LOVE this video, thanks for sharing. It’s too bad I’m finding this 6 months late. I would’ve looked for you too! 🙂

    I posted this video and I linked to you today. Thank you again for all you do. You have a great blog.


  8. Are you still in the choir? Are you still doing a blog on conference?
    My husband and I are senior missionaries in the Philippines. We just watched April Conference 2009. It was wonderful! As I thought of Conference last night before going to sleep the song sung by the choir with words…Hear Ye Him…kept going through my mind. It sounds so familiar but I can’t find it in the hymnal or children’s songbook. Could you tell me where to find it? Thank you for the beautiful music. Sister Watkins – Cebu


    1. Hello Sister Watkins – It’s wonderful to hear from you all the way from the Philippines! Questions #1. Yes. #2. Yes. The song you are thinking of is entitled “This is My Beloved Son” – it was written by Vanya Y. Watkins (relation?) for the Primary Children’s Hymnbook. An expanded arrangement was performed by the Choir during the Sunday April 5, ’09 Morning Session of General Conference. This piece can be found on the choir’s 2009 “Praise To The Man” CD.


  9. Dear MoSop, Thank you for the info on “This is My Beloved Son”. It truly is a sweet song. (As far as I know we are not related to Vanya Watkins.) Thank you for all the sacrifice and work to be part of the Choir! We love your music. Sister Watkins – Cebu, Philippines


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