A Birthmas To Remember

Birthmas Tree (and dog)
The Birthmas Tree (and dog)

Today is my husband Peeps birthday. His greatest love in life (other than moi and the kids) is Christmas. In fact, it is a bit of an obsession. He plays Christmas music year round. He makes sure he owns a red car. He even managed to get married at Christmas and have his first child arrive the following Christmas. For the past (nearly) 19 years of our marriage Peeps has been begging for our family to put up the Christmas tree on his birthday, and then leave it up for all of our birthdays (which would mean it couldn’t come down until Feb 6th). Needless to say, I’ve resisted this plan.

Until today.

I made sure I got home before he did so the girls and I could put up the tree before he arrived. Then, when he walked in the door we jumped out and yelled “HAPPY BIRTHMAS!” 

From the photo, you can see how enthused our dog Joey is about all of this! πŸ™‚

The Birthday Boy! (a few years back)
My Birthmas Boy: The Early Years...

Needless to say, Peeps is as giddy as a schoolboy in a candy store. Of course, he immediately pulled out all his Christmas CD’s (the Carpenter’s ‘Christmas Portrait’ album is blasting as I speak write), and he is trying to choose whether we are watching “The Polar Express” or “Christmas Story” tonight after FHE while we eat his cake and icecream. OK – I’ll go along with all of this. I have to admit, it’s actually quite fun and festive. And don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas, too!

But, just for the record my dear Peeps, I have NOT agreed to celebrate until February!



    I don’t suppose I would like to have Christmas up until Feb either.
    In this house, we are luck to get Christmas out before the 21st, and it gets put away usually before New Years. That is how it was growing up for me. and whereas I desire to have Christmas up longer because of the sweet spirit I feel with it when the kids are sleeping. The kids, 2.5, 4, and 7, LOVE to play with Christmas and ornaments and decorations and then broken. I get tired of telling them to stop touching. Then that whole spirit that I love having is gone.
    So we just don’t put it up until the last minute and take it down right after. Maybe when they are older, and listen better.

    Is that the same Joey that got sick in the nice family room with the piano that you were frantically trying to clean before your voice student showed up?
    Looks like a big dog.


  2. Good grief. I hope my wife doesn’t see this. For 10 years, I have been insisting that Christmas season starts the day after Thanksgiving and ends the morning of the 26th. It’s not a winning battle.

    I love Christmas too, and I can listen to some Christmas music year round, and I never tire of the spirit of peace and goodwill and remembering the Savior. But honestly, the lights and glitter and ribbon and all that stuff gets old after three or four weeks. By the 26th, I’m ready to take it down.

    And yet, just today, I was telling my wife, “No, we can’t start Christmas shopping yet.”. Sigh.


  3. Yiwen – thanks for your good wishes, and Happy Birthmas to you

    TabFan1 – Thanks for your awesome thoughts. And yes, this is the very same infamous dog. For those of you who missed, read IT ALL WORKS OUT

    SweetPeace – you make me laugh

    Rebecca – Cool! Happy Birthmas


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