Video: Angela Johnson Sculpting Christ

Earlier this year I posted an exclusive interview with LDS sculptor Angela Johnson, who shared her miraculous story. A new video about her has been released, and I am thrilled to share it with you. You can read the interview here:

To learn more about Angela’s non-profit “I am the Light of The World” Foundation, the healing garden and her current work go to:


  1. Thank you for sharing this video. I find Angela Johnson’s life story and decision to develop a new talent so different from what she had been doing, inspiring. It is similar to what I am going through in learning music.


  2. My wife, Alison and I had the opportunity of viewing Angela’s exibit at the Oakland Temple last night, ( 1-2-2009 ) It was a very spiritually moving experience that touched our hearts and our souls.I have no Idea how Angela is able to do such delicate, detailed extremities etc out of clay. We were also astounded by the feeling of movement from still objects. The ” Come Unto Me “had to be a miracle to be completed in just five weeks is unbelievable and wonderful. Thank you Angela for sharing your Inspired talent with us and thousands of people all over . You are truly blessed.
    Love, Jay and Alison


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