A New Day For Happy Thoughts

In my last post rant, I’m afraid I came across quite a bit cranky and less than patriotic. That was not my intention. OK. I admit I was cranky. But I want to reassure you that I still love my country very much, I am eager to see good things come from our new administration (there is always hope), and contrary to my attitude problem, I do not believe we have reached doomsday.

Therefore, I apologize for the downer post.

Don't Drive Angry

As penance, this morning I awoke with a scene from one of my favorite movies GroundHog Day running through my mind (over, and over, and over…).

I was replaying the moment when the character of Phil Conners (actor Bill Murray) has kidnapped the town groundhog and is speeding down the road in a stolen truck with the police in hot pursuit.

Bill sardonically lectures the groundhog: “Don’t Drive Angry! Don’t Drive Angry!” I got the message, and said to myself:

MoSop, Don’t Blog Angry! Don’t Blog Angry!

Therefore, today I give thanks for the wisdom of the groundhog. 😉 There’s no use in letting ourselves get frustrated on the road of life. I know this. It is actually one of my oft repeated mantras here at the site. A theme, if you will. In the end, we are all going to end up at the same destination (well, at least initially), box-happy-thoughtsso we might as well travel with grace.

I have resolved to think happier thoughts. To the left I have provided a “happy box”. To start things off, I will add a couple. Then, I invite you to please add some of your own via the comments. Don’t hold back. (We can always get another box if we fill this one). I think we could all do with some happy thoughts right now. Don’t you?

#1. Wisdom from Pooh Corner:

poohthinking“When late morning rolls around and you’re feeling a bit out of sorts, don’t worry; you’re probably just a little eleven o’clockish”.
— Winnie the Pooh

#2. A commercial from the U.K. that I think is brilliant


  1. I just read these two posts in succession. I think you have some good points in the first, but I also think the attitude of the second is what we all need to get through with grace. We can’t let ourselves (and by extension our nation) be overcome with negative self-talk or self-hate. The reason is because everything we say to ourselves with any energy has a nasty/or wonderful way of becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    I’m a composer, so I know all about struggling whether the economy is robust or not. The only way I can get through all the obstacles and face my day is with a healthy dose of faith, hope and charity.


  2. Here’s a happy thought: Yesterday, I watched the inauguration of a man whom I did not vote for and with whom I largely disagree, but I still felt a chill in my spine. I may not always agree with the man, but I respect the office. Here was a man who was elected by the constitutional process the Framers provided.

    And how marvelous to see one man wrest control of the world’s greatest military force from another with only a handshake! At 11:59 a.m. EST, George W. Bush held the authority to command millions of troops, warplanes, tanks, ships, and even nuclear weapons. At 12:00 p.m. EST, Barack H. Obama acquired all that power without so much as an angry word. All those service members who would have followed Bush’s orders at any peril now will follow Obama’s orders at any peril, because their oath of loyalty is not to a man, but to the Constitution and the constitutional office of President of the United States.


  3. The “YOU TUBE” commercial–it is brilliant! Finding the fun in everything. . .like a little child. I need to remember that tomorrow when “stuff” happens. I loved it!!


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