When A Motherboard Dies

Please join with me in a moment of silence for my Motherboard.

I sent her in last week for some basic upgrades, including a snazzy new hard drive with lots of “Gigs” and “Bytes”, so MoSop could save even more photos, and become a speedier blogging queen. The family was also tired of receiving continual “exception errors” and “low memory” warnings every time they logged in.

But unfortunately, there were complications. Maybe MB was sick of the all-nighters I’d made her pull. Maybe it was the constant lack of appreciation. Or, maybe she just didn’t like the whole idea of getting “Gig-gy”. For whatever reason, she chose not to wake up after the procedure.

The professionals at Computer Land have reassured me that the backup of all my files prior to Motherboard’s untimely demise was successful. The tech guys also tell me that in about a week, “things are gonna be better than ever”!

That is, once they get done designing an entirely new computer, complete with loads of Gigs, a new housing unit, and even, yes, a new “mother” (all for a significant chunk of change)

Today, I’m dedicating a moment of silence to Motherboard #1.

Thanks for the memories, old gal. You’ve been with me from the very beginning. Your legacy will live on.

Rest in peace. – MoSop


In the meantime, while Chuck at Computer Land gets busy spending her father’s money, MoSop will be cleaning out her closet & ironing her socks. She will resist taking over her friend’s laptops. She will avoid making late night runs to the public library. She will definitely [not] stoop so low as to blog during her lunch hour at work! (at least, after today)

You can help support MoSop through this ‘difficult time’ by reading her posts, and leaving lots of profound comments! 🙂


  1. RIP the motherboard.
    At least it is not hard drive. So your data is still there.
    Last September both of my hard drives died. I was able to save them but quite a lot of data is corrupted.

    So, when you can, backup backup backup.


  2. I’m having a hard time figuring how these guys are going to re-build your computer for less than the $300 — $350 it would cost to pick up a cheap box at Best Buy (without the worthless extended warranty). Did you get a second opinion? I’ve built several computers, and I’ve never been able to do it for less than that. And if they’re replacing the MoBo (usually with on-board sound, graphics, and ethernet), proc, RAM, and case, what’s left? A hard drive? Hard drives are cheap, and if yours is a few years old, it could probably stand to be upgraded anyway.

    On the other hand, if you need it as a high-end gaming rig with a fire-breathing graphics card and quad-core processor, you don’t want to buy the cheap-o off the shelf computer.

    (Typing this on an itty bitty Eeee PC that I got for $350 with shipping).


    1. CoolKid – thanks for the reminder to “back up!!!”

      Sweet – you are obviously way beyond my techno savvy. Fortunately, my Dad is taking care of this for me and is dealing with a company he trusts. (I hope he’s not getting ripped off – I agree it sounds a bit suspect)
      OOOOHHH…I like the “fire breathing” feature! Where do I sign up for that?! 😉


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