Ponder The Significance

Each April and October The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints [also known as the “Mormons” or “LDS”] hold a global General Conference, broadcasting from Salt Lake City, Utah. The following video shares an excerpt of a talk by LDS apostle Elder Jeffrey R. Holland which explains the significance of General Conference, and the glorious message of each event.

Video courtesy LDSPrinciples


  1. This awesome video of Elder Holland’s testimony of Jesus Christ and an invitation to view conference will be an ideal way to invite my Facebook friends to watch conference on Easter weekend. . . Thank you for sharing it!


  2. This very impactful talk of Elder Holland’s illustrates the great spirit of the kinds of talks that can be heard at LDS General Conferences. For that reason I have used it also in one of my posts in a series of four posts inviting people throughout the world to to tune in to General Conference on the Third and Fourth of April 2010.

    Thanks for using it thus allowing me to do the same!


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