The Lighthouse Of The Lord

In the final moments of last week’s LDS General Conference, President Thomas S. Monson, 16th President and prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints gave some profound instruction:


Permissiveness, immorality, pornography, dishonesty, and a host of other ills cause many to be tossed about on a sea of sin and crushed on the jagged reefs of lost opportunities, forfeited blessings, and shattered dreams.

My counsel for all of us is to look to the lighthouse of the Lord. There is no fog so dense, no night so dark, no gale so strong, no mariner so lost but what its beacon light can rescue. It beckons through the storms of life. The lighthouse of the Lord sends forth signals readily recognized and never failing. – Monson, A Word at Closing

Where can we find this saving and guiding Lighthouse? Monson explains that it is only a prayer away, and then he bestowed a prophetic blessing. I invite you to listen, and be blessed! – MoSop

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  1. “May His promised blessings of peace be upon you.” Those words of the Prophet of the Lord in his closing statements really stuck in my mind and heart. I sure need those promised blessings of peace. I’m sure most of you who are reading this feel the same as I do about that! Thank you Mormon Soprano for providing that very special video!


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