How To Do Genealogy in Just 5 Minutes

Family History Library
Image by miss_leslie via Flickr

Ever feel intimidated by researching your geneology, or don’t know how you could find the time? The Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah  just released the first video in a fun step-by-step series to help anyone, anywhere, find info about their ancestors online … all in just “5 minutes or less”! Who knew Family Research could be so quick and easy? Watch the first video in the series here, and then try out the “5 Minute Challenge” by going to I was able to find 2 official documents in about 5 minutes. Let me know what you find out about your own personal history, and enjoy the rest of the series being released this month at FamilySearch YouTube!  – MoSop


P.S. Kudos to my very own brother-in-law who created this cool video series! 🙂

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