Happy High Five Birthday!

Today is the Five Year birthday / blog-iversary of Mormon Soprano.com!

Birthday Cake
Birthday Cake (Photo credit: chidorian)

It’s hard to believe it’s been five whole years since that fateful day I attempted to launch myself into the Bloggernacle on my ambitious quest to share with the world the joyful news of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ…and my favorite music…and inspirational messages…and general ramblings about life. Things have certainly grown and morphed and changed over the years both in my virtual life, and in my personal life. I’ve done a lot of exploring. I’ve gotten older. My kids grew up and left the nest for college. I did too much running before I learned how to walk, resulting in bumps and bruises and crashed websites along the way, but despite it all, I survived and thrived. I’ve made lots of new BFFs, and I’ve enjoyed every minute being a small part of the great “Mormon Moment” blitz of the 21st Century.

As any typical five-year-old, I’m generally over-confident, precocious and head-strong. But, I can also be very cute, lovable and say the darnedest things!

Here’s a nice little poem for the day:

Turning Five

No longer the same little girl

or is she, the same, really?

An impish grin, cunning, negotiating

a better deal for herself, the sisters

in a moment she is the same; but

running to the school house,

out of our hands

serious about her learning

clever in the repartee we banter

give and take, or isn’t that such a good idea

negotiating with a five year old

who holds more of the cards

than we like to admit

but whose fooling who,

as if we had a clue

of that growing girl

with the attitude

who now is a big

high five

by Raymond A. Foss ~ December 23, 2006 


Thank you all so much for being a part of my life, and for attending my birthday blog party!

Your presence, as always, is the best present of all! I’d sure love you to stick around for the next 5 years [inserting shameless plug here to Please Subscribe to MORMON SOPRANO by Email]. If you do, I promise there will be plenty of [HTML] cake and [virtual] pony rides for everyone!

And meanwhile, in the spirit of my special HIGH FIVE day – I leave you with this classic!

🙂 MoSop


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