Sister Missionaries Perform “Nearer My God To Thee”

Two Mormon missionaries recently became ‘recording artists’ to share their love of God and music. Sister Amanda Abel from Bountiful, Utah and Sister Ryceejo Nordström from Riverside, California  are currently serving 18 months as full-time missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Tennessee Nashville Mission (aka TNM).

Abel and Nordstrom
Sister Abel and Sister Nordstrm
Tennessee Nashville Mission

These two talented and beautiful young women did not know each other until three months ago [February 2013] when they were assigned to work as mission companions in the Thompson’s Station / Spring Hill area. Sisters Abel and Nordström quickly discovered their mutual love for music and enjoyed singing together daily. It just so happened that a talented music artist named Dustin Jones lived nearby with a professional studio in his home. The three musicians collaborated to record a cover of  The Lower Lights hymn arrangement of “Nearer My God To Thee“.

Dustin Jones played all of the instruments and mixed them into one musical track which the sisters sang to. Abel and Nordstrom then gave written permission for Mormon Soprano to create an exclusive music video using their recording and some of their personal photos to share publicly. They hope this recording will bring peace, joy and hope to everyone who hears it, and that it will strengthen your faith in God’s love.

Abel and Nordström will have to put their musical teamwork on hold for now. As customary during LDS mission service, both have been given new assignments in separate areas of the mission. However, their time of service together will remain a lasting and sweet memory, and their friendship will continue long after their missions end. I certainly hope they will have the chance to reunite in the future to sing praise together!

Enjoy, and please share! ♥ – MoSop


Thank you for the overwhelming response to watching and sharing this video! Since many have inquired, the sisters’ track is not available for purchase. However, we invite you to visit The Lower Lights website where you will find this hymn arrangement available on their album Hymn Revival Volume 2.

Have a blessed day!


  1. I subscribe to ‘Mormon Soprano’ and am thrilled to meet Sister ‘A’. I know they are loving Tennessee. The young ladies were blessed to meet just the right people (including mom) to help them do this recording, blessed to have been called to serve as companions. I hope to hear more from them in the future!


    1. Wanda, thank you for reading the blog and for sharing your insight. This recording is amazing and so beautiful. I’ve had a very happy heart today! Love, MoSop


  2. Love, love, love this! Thank you for recording the sisters and making their testimony and talent (and your talent) available to everyone. I hope sometime in the future and after their mission, they will reunite and make a full on cd for our listening pleasure 🙂


  3. One can easily forget that among the young people currently entering the mission field there are some with extra special talents. The Lord has a way of bringing such folks together and opening a pathway to His work going forth through their efforts. This is not just beautiful singing, it is professionally produced and recorded. I absolutely love it!


  4. Its one of those songs that touches the heart and this certainly does. Music can reach the soul and open the door. It calms troubled hearts, and can defuse contention. It is so beautifully done. Good Job! I love it!


    1. Hello Suesan, thank you for watching and commenting! The sister’s track is not available for download. However, the arrangement was written by The Lower Lights. I invite you to go to their website. You will find this song on their album A Hymn Revival Volume 2
      Congratulations on being a Missionary Mom! It’s the greatest! Best wishes for your daughter in California.


  5. Goodness, mom, you must be so proud! This is BEAUTIFUL!! These two sisters radiate such joy and light. I would love to share this also with my missionary daughter serving in Los Angeles!


    1. Thankyou Vicki. Yes, definitely makes a Mom’s heart happy 🙂
      The track for this recording is not being made available publicly. However, perhaps your missionary would be allowed to view the YouTube video or read this blog post. You are welcome to download the original track at the Lower Lights band site (see info above). Best wishes – MoSop


  6. Wonderful song and Great Talent. These Young Sisters will work Miracles for the Lord while on their Mission. I recently stumbled across a Youtube Video about pre-missionary preparation for young 18 year old Elders and 19 year old Sisters that might be of value to your viewers. See Page here.

    Thanks for the Beautiful Music.


  7. What beautiful voices! If I sounded like these young women, I’d sing all day long! 😀

    Thanks for the heads-up about The Lower Lights as well. I just bought their Hymns 2 album and will definitely be getting their first hymns collection and Christmas album, too.


      1. Just caved in and bought the two other albums! Really wonderful!

        I hope the Sisters reconnect once their mission is completed and put out their own record. 🙂


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