Paul Cardall: Mormon Musician, Modern Miracle

The story of Paul Cardall is as epic as his music. It’s hard to know where to begin.

  • Paul Cardall – 2009

    His amazing musical talent; born with an innate gift for composing and playing beautiful songs on the piano

  • His congenital heart disease which brought him to the brink of death as his “half heart” failed as a child.
  • A lifesaving heart transplant seemed to be his “happy ending”.
  • Growing up, serving a Mormon mission, having a fairy tale wedding and beginning a new little family.
  • The tragic news in 2008 that his donor heart was failing. He would need a 2nd donor heart in less than 12 months in order to live – but the odds of that happening weren’t likely.

Paul was given 1 year to live

What would he do? What would you do?

  • Paul, his wife Lynette, and daughter at the “Living For Eden” benefit concert, April 2009 Photo Credit: Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret News

    He created the  “Living For Eden” campaign on his website “Before my Heart Stops“, which raised funding and awareness for children with congenital heart disease.

  • He collaborated with local musicians and artists to raise awareness and funding for congenital heart disease (and those artists banded together to do a special concert to raise funds for Paul, too).
  • He blogged every 365+ day of his journey and always tried to lift and inspire others
  • He told the stories of the other patients he met in the cardiac unit, their joys and more often, their sorrows – giving touching tributes at their deaths
  • He kept the faith, and he waited …for his fate, or destiny…

I followed Paul’s journey. I watched him hold on day after day. But, as the days and weeks ticked by, it became very obvious he was getting weak, fading away, and his time to leave us was very near…

But, then the miracle news we never really expected, came.

A 2nd new donor heart  – for Paul! A transplant arriving at his eleventh hour!



Paul Cardall was reborn in September, 2009

Since his second heart transplant, and rebirth, Paul has has been living life to the fullest.

Paul on top of the world! Mt. Olympus – June, 2010 – just 9 months after his transplant – Photo by Jeffery D. Allred, Deseret News (2010)

Paul climbed a mountain (literally) just 9 months after his transplant surgery. He published a best-selling inspirational book “Before My Heart Stops: A Memoir“. He released an album of celebratory songs called NEW LIFE which topped the Billboard charts as the #1 New Age album – surpassing such well known stars as Enya and Yanni! He formed The Paul Cardall Family Foundation to help raise awareness and offer help to those fighting congenital heart defects.

Paul spends a lot of time with his family. He loves being a husband and daddy to his girls (new baby girl, Eliza, joined the family in June, 2012).

Paul with wife Lynnette, and daughter Eden – 2011

And, Paul has even been travelling the world as a special guest host on themed Cruises! (upcoming trips include the Mediterranean, and an African safari).

Paul in China – 2013

Most recently, Paul Cardall became a movie composer, providing the tender scoring forT.C. Christensen’s film EPHRAIM’S RESCUE, which released in March 2013.

Messages From Paul

I rejoice with Paul and his family! He would be the first person to humbly tell you though, that he knows he is living on borrowed time. He believes his extended life is a gift from God that came with a purpose, and a responsibility. On his blog, he has shared these thoughts:

Paul Cardall in The Sacred Grove, Palmyra, New York – 2013

“I think about my donor every day. I often feel he’s close by. I pray I may live worthy of the miracle I received from my donor and from our Creator. Through the knowledge and wisdom of doctors, the Lord has given me more time. Every minute of every hour in life, matters. What you do with your time matters . . . make the moments in the lives of those you love matter.” – Paul Cardall, 2011


“I know in my newly transplant heart just as I did in the one that died, that God is our loving Heavenly Father, the creator who organized the universe and is omniscient. Never quit on Him. He is not an umpire looking for failure. He is more like the Father in the stands cheering us on. He is teaching us compassion, faith, hope, and eternal principles of love that we’ll take with us into the next life.” – Paul Cardall, 2013

DEEPER – written by Paul Cardall, Sung by Steele Croswhite

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  1. Words cannot express my tender feelings for your gift of music and the inspiration it so generously gives as we ponder the beauty of the Lord’s tender mercies to all his children past, present, and yet to come. Bless you and your family for all you do.

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