What Does Easter Mean?

Easter has always meant many things to me. Easter evokes memories of family, love and happiness. When I was growing up, Easter meant my mother would make her special sugar cookies cut out in shapes of eggs, chicks and bunnies for us to decorate (there would always be a lot of green food coloring, coconut, and jelly beans involved). Easter dinner was always large extended family event. Easter meant getting a pretty new dress to wear to church (usually home made by Mother, and often matching prints with my sisters). Easter meant the tulips and daffodils would be blooming, and winter would be officially over in Utah (even if it was snowing, and yes, I do remember snowy Easter-egg hunts!).

In addition to family and fun, Easter also means something very deep and sacred to my soul. In 1987 I spent Easter Sunday in the Holy Land. I visited the Garden Tomb that day, and sang sacred hymns and anthems celebrating that “He is not here, for he is risen!”

“Death is conquered, Man is Free! Christ has won the victory!”

The Garden Tomb

My experience in Jerusalem has remained my most beautiful and sacred Easter memory which nothing could really compare to, until this Easter. I have been deeply moved learning and performing Handel’s entire Messiah with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir – a truly epic and glorious event! This musical Easter experience comes on the heels of enduring eight agonizing, heart-wrenching months watching our daughter suffer with pain, illness, hospitalization and every kind of uncertainty. We have been taken to the depths of sorrow and heights of joy and then up and down and in and out on a roller-coaster of every emotion. And our journey is not through. We still have very little answers. She is still not well, and we don’t know where the journey is going to take us. But, there is something our family does know. Jesus Christ lives! He suffered through all of our pain. He knows and feels all of our tears.

“A man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief”

And #BecauseofHim, we still have hope!

Easter means that this life is not the end, it’s only the beginning. Easter means everything is possible!

I wish for you today on this beautiful new Easter morning all of the happiness and joy and hope that Easter can bring.

– Love, MoSop

P.S. Don’t miss watching this most beautiful Easter video!!! (I’ve watched it over and over and over – it brings back so many beautiful memories of my time in the Holy Land!)



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