Christmas Concert on Temple Square (and Hubby Takes A Rain Check)

Last night was the second of three Christmas Concert performances by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in Salt Lake City at the Conference Center on Temple Square. This is my 8th year performing Christmas with the Choir. Each year’s concert theme has been unique and marvelous in its own way and I have something I could say was a ‘favorite’ about each show – however, this year is very special. If this concert had a subtitle, I’d describe it as “A majestic celebration of Christ.

Everything about this show is centered on our Lord and Savior . The Spirit of Christ has been so powerful during this performance that it is tangible at times in that amazing 21,000 seat hall. For 90 minutes we are transported together to a higher realm.

Simply, heavenly.

I’ve mentioned this before, but if you are in the SLC area and there is any way you can come to Temple Square this weekend, do it!

Sure, having a ticket is ideal. But, you do not need a ticket to see this show. Just go! Make your way over to the Tabernacle where the standby line is kept warm & cozy inside (Tabernacle doors open at 5 PM) and then they will begin to take groups over to the Conference Center to fill in empty seats starting at about 7:00 PM. The concert curtain is at 8 PM.

As far as I know, every person in the standby line has been getting into the Conference Center.

Don’t want to wait in line? You can always try these tips:

  • Ask ushers with name badges outside of the Conference Center if they have any extra tickets in their pockets (they often have just been handed some extras by concert-goers).
  • Make a little “I need a ticket!” beggar-sign and stand near the Conference Center close to where a lot of concert-goer traffic is such as the crosswalk. (this is most successful for those needing only single tickets)
  • Or, just show up at 7:30 PM to the Tabernacle and take your chances on last-minute arrival. IF you don’t get a seat inside the Conference Center you can simply stay in the Tabernacle and watch the show via satellite on the big screen!

Come to temple square and feel the magic, meaning, and peace of Christmas!

SPOILER ALERT! Watch these if you aren’t coming to the show:


Twenty-six years ago today I entered the Salt Lake LDS Temple and knelt across the altar from a darling young man named Jeff (“Mr. Mo”) where we said  “Yes” to spending Eternity together. About 20 years later one of our wedding day photos would go viral after being “permanently borrowed” from something called “my blog” (just so weird, right?!).

During 26 years a whole lotta living has happened on this crazy roller-coaster of life we boarded together all those years ago. And today, we won’t be celebrating. Not by choice, simply by circumstance. I will leave my house at 12 noon and spend the entire day at the Conference Center recording throughout the afternoon, then eating dinner in a cafeteria with 500+ dancers/singers/musicians, and then go back to performing our final concert for 21,000 people.

Mr. Mo will be attending the concert tonight – so technically, we will still be in the same “room” together for our anniversary…

Mr. Mo and I shall celebrate our Anniversary [separately] with everyone tonight!
My Eternal Companion has graciously taken a rain check on celebrating our special day together.  (I hear he’s planning something nice for New Year’s Eve) 😉

Thank you for the wonderful life, sweetheart. I’m sure the next 26 years are going to be another wild ride – but, we’ve learned how to hang on tight to each other and the Lord, so I know it will be great! ♥ I love you! – MoSop

Awww… weren’t we so young and cute?! (and so clueless! hehe) 🙂



  1. You both look beautiful. I love your dress. I hate the strapless style they wear today. If you’re marrying in a church, I feel like it’s disrespectful. Not to mention that I’ve seen many a bride in a strapless that shouldn’t wear one anyway, spilling out all over the place (lol).

    What a lucky couple you all are. Finding true love in today’s world seems to be the exception rather than the rule. Your husband sounds so wonderful. Not many men would be as understanding. And, Holly, from what I know of you, he’s the luckiest man in the world.

    Happy Anniversary to both of you. Love, Lynne


    1. Haha Lynne, that’s sweet of you!
      I have to agree with you about the wedding dress styles. I wish there were a lot less strapless.
      LDS girls who marry in the temple will always have sleeves on their dresses for modesty. Those style are often hard dresses to find! There are several bridal shops now that specialize in LDS “templized” wedding dresses, which I hear are often used by the Jewish community.
      There is a great story behind my wedding dress. I actually bought it while I was serving as a full time missionary. (Its a very funny story) I will have to tell it sometime! 🙂


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