This Weekend, Enjoy Some Peace

(If the loud voices clamoring all around us spreading sad news, reporting the latest chaos, and sharing reports causing daily distress are weighing you down [*me raising hand*]. If you are carrying a heavy burden in your heart. If you are worried and feel helpless, or hopeless. If you are looking for direction. If you are seeking answers. If you are simply needing a break from it all, and a chance to “recharge your batteries”. Then, This is your weekend!

This weekend, heaven is coming down to earth in a really big, glorious way. Messages from God will be shared with the whole world. And, if you are listening, I promise there will be at least one special message tailor-made just for you.

100% Guaranteed.

This amazing event happens every 6 months! Now is the time! And, you are invited!


You are invited to watch or listen LIVE ONLINE from anywhere in the world:

  • Saturday April 1 (10 am & 2 PM MDT) and
  • Sunday April 2 (10 am & 2 PM MDT).

More viewing options HERE.

The Women’s Conference Session took place last week, and can be watched HERE.

All sessions of Conference are recorded and can be accessed any time at the General Conference Archive page HERE.




And, yes – I will be there this weekend! Look for me seated in the choir loft under the tall organ pipes (to your left). I will be raising my voice in a musical prayer, singing with joyous praise, and soaking up the spirit of heaven. I can hardly wait to turn off the noisy negative “world”, and feel the glorious gift of positive peace.

I hope you will join me! – MoSop

Here are some musical selections from the October 2016 Conference

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