Somewhere Out There

Surprise, I’m still alive. Actually, I’ve felt more alive recently than I have in a long time. That’s an interesting side effect of getting up early and going outside every day. In my case, it involves a lot of running – interspersed with biking, hiking, and yoga.

Just for the record, I have always hated getting up early. My family will verify this fact.

Even after doing this morning running thing five days a week for the past six months it has still not magically become an enjoyable “habit”.


The process of rousing myself out of bed in the semi-dark, stumbling around pulling on the work-out clothes, lacing up the shoes, going through the warm-ups… is agonizing. Every. Single. Day.

But, I’m doing it anyway.


  1. I love how I feel when it’s over. Or, inversely, I hate how I feel when I miss a day.

And, because…

2. I have committed myself to running a full marathon in 8 weeks (54 days to be exact – YIKES!!!).

And yes, I agree it was a crazy idea and I often wonder what I was thinking.

So, if you don’t see me posting here as often as usual, just know that I’m “somewhere out there” on the back-roads and trails of Northern Utah. I’m thinking of you and hoping you are well and that you won’t give up on me.

Meanwhile, please be sure to come and check out my daily progress and follow my adventures on my Instagram account!

Happy Trails, – MoSop



  1. Great Post. I can’t believe you are doing this but I certainly admire your tenacity. I have been hibernating all summer to avoid the heat which I hate most of all. Always love to read your posts. Love

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    1. The heat has been really bad this year. Getting up and out super early has been the only way to survive – but, good news – it’s starting to cool off! Plus, the Lagoon trail is awesome and shady.


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