Day 6 Greek Rush At Berkeley

Day 6 MoTab Tour ❀ Saturday 23 June, 2018 Berkeley, California

I slept in on Saturday morning. It was glorious. The practice of sleeping in gets my full two-thumbs-up endorsement. πŸ‘πŸ‘

I discovered on Friday that I had left my favorite charging outlet in Peter’s bus during our all-day trek to San Fransisco, which meant I needed to board Peter’s bus again to hopefully be able to retrieve it. So, I made certain to be out on the sidewalk early, waiting for the buses to arrive. Choir and Orchestra members were headed to our next sound check and concert, located across the Bay at Berkely College in the Hearst Greek Theater.

Happily, I was able to board Peter’s bus, and retrieve my charger. That meant I also got to chat with Peter some more, which was delightful as always.

The drive to Berkeley took less than a half hour, which was much quicker than I think everyone anticipated.

Due to the choir being so large the soprano and Bass/Baritone sections could not fit under the canopy so we were positioned to the sides, and had to endure a bit of hot sun for the rehearsal – watch a clip here… (I’m on your left in the sun). Several members of the orchesta were also in the sun and volunteers held umbrellas over them. (ahhh the “glamorous” life of a performer means suffering for our art!)

During the sound check a news crew from Oregon interviewed two native Oregonians, watch here.

This was our first outdoor concert of our tour. We share a different program at an outside venue than a formal indoor concert hall. Outside there are less classical pieces, and more folk and Broadway tunes.

It was such a gorgeous evening. Once the sun went down the temperature was perfect. We were blessed with a very appreciative and energetic crowd, and a stunning venue!

The backstage area is equally magical for the performers! It felt like I was in a Disney movie.

What a lovely night! – MoSop


  1. As a native of Berkeley and a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley I graduated from High school and law school at the Greek Theater and attended football rallies there. Never thought I would see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir there. So sad I missed it.
    The theater was a gift of Phoebe Hearst. A few blocks away the Institute of Religion is housed in a home owned by Phoebe Hearst.

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