Something’s Coming…

That catchy song from West Side Story keeps running through my mind this week.


There is a LOT of electric anticipation in the air.

Could be, who knows? There’s something due any day
I would know right away soon as it shows
It may come cannon balling down through the sky
Gleam in its eye, bright as a rose

The Semi-Annual General Conference of the Church begins tomorrow morning (watch LIVE here), which spans over five 2-hour sessions for two days – Saturday Oct. 6 – Sunday Oct 7. I know first-hand that there will be MANY changes and major announcements. Of course, each Conference the rumors begin to circulate among our members (like wildfire)… but this one feels different. We have already had glimpses and hints over the past few weeks.

On August 16, 2018 President Russell M. Nelson announced that we should refrain from using the term “Mormon” to refer to ourselves since this is not the name revealed by the Lord to the prophet Joseph Smith; The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

“We are not changing a name, we are correcting a name.”

So, no more “Mormon” usage. – but, before we start turning to other abbreviations, Pres. Nelson also reminded that “LDS” is also out – members should be referred to as “Latter-day Saints” and the church should be referred to by it’s full name (see style guide).

I’m sure we will hear much more about this during General Conference – stay tuned.

Yes, I know… my blog… tuned on that, too.


This morning we received the official announcement that in keeping with President Nelson’s announcement the word “Mormon” has been removed from the choir’s name.

With a click, with a shock
Phone’ll jingle, door’ll knock, open the latch
Something’s coming, don’t know when but it’s soon
Catch the moon, one handed catch

It will now be known as “The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square“. This makes combining our entire “choir family” much easier since it has always been cumbersome to say “The Mormon Tabernacle Choir AND Orchestra at Temple Square”. Now, we can seamlessly join as “The Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square”.

For the record, the new official hashtag is #tabchoir

Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square

Choir & Orchestra members have been told in advance that our name was changing, but we didn’t know the finalized result until this morning’s press release.

Who knows? It’s only just out of reach
Down the block on a beach under a tree
I got a feeling there’s a miracle due
Gonna come true, coming to me…


There is something to be said for the benefits of anticipation. For me, I not only have the anticipation of General Conference, the anticipation of singing for three of those five sessions, and the anticipation of the announcements and messages that will be shared. I also have the anticipation of departing immediately afterward for our 100 mile pilgrimage in Spain! 🙂

*long drum roll*…


There is a saying among pilgrims that “The Camino Provides”. When we walk by faith and follow the path, things begin to happen that can only be described as miracles. I can’t even begin to tell you how many miracles Mr. Mo and I have seen as we have prepared for “our Camino”. Really amazing things big or small that have all added up to really big things – everything from our flights, our travel arrangements, family concerns being resolved, etc.

Just this week an issue with one of my expensive REI shirts arose – they stood beind the product and will reimburse me but I have no time to take it back before I leave, and I really needed a second shirt! Button up, long sleeve, SPF, moisure wicking, quick drying… I had a list of requirements. On a whim I stopped at the local good will store of donated items (in Utah, they’re called Deseret Industries). What would be the odds I could even find something like that – and in my size?

10 minutes later, I walked out with a Columbia brand hiking shirt meeting all of my wish list. Just a coincidence? I think not. I’m a believer!

The Camino Provides!


Last night the Choir had our final General Conference rehearsal and I didn’t arrive home until about 10:15 PM. My backpack and gear were calling to me for sorting, fussing over and making final decisions. I couldn’t resist. I packed and unpacked the bag, removed items, added items, removed them again. Weighed… removed a couple more items.

I went to bed wayyyy past my bedtime. But, things are coming together. It’s starting to get very real. Tonight I get to play with the pack and If I have time I’ll make another little video.

It’s just around the corner or whistling down the river ♪♫…


P.S. Ultriea is a Latin word that literally means ‘beyond’. It is used today as a means to basically say “Keep Going!”,  “Reach Higher”, or “Press Forward!” It is also believed that Medieval pilgrims greeted each other with ‘Ultreia, Suseia, Santiago’, meaning ‘beyond, upwards, Santiago’.


  1. I had heard about President Nelson no longer wanting to use the name “Mormon”, for the Church. That took some nerve, but he’s right. It’s like a nickname and not the real name of your Church. Then I started wondering what they would call the Choir and what you would call your Blog. Questions answered. I like all of it, not that it matters if I like it, but I think others will too. It will take a while for people who aren’t members of your Church to get used to not saying Mormon when talking about your Church, but in time, I’m sure it will catch on.

    I plan to try and catch some of the conference. Thanks for the link. Hope you have a good conference and that everything goes well. Love you Holly, Lynne

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Lynne. You are absolutely correct, “Mormon” has always been a nickname for the church – it was derived from the ancient prophet Mormon who abridged the Book of Mormon. In the early years of the church the nickname was used in a very derogatory way. But, over the years members have embraced all of its good connotations, and in an effort of good will invited people to learn more about us and the true name of our church. However, President Nelson is right that if we cannot refer to ourselves correctly, then the media won’t know how either.

      I think it may be a challenge to undo the habit, but change is good. (and yes, I am changing my blog name to Latter-day Soprano 🙂 I just need to find some time to do it!!)

      I’m very glad to hear your support. It means a lot. I’m also glad you will be watching Conference! You can look for me. I sing Saturday from 10-12, and Sunday morning will during the Music & The Spoken Word broadcast 9:30-10 and then sessions 10am-12PM and 2-4 PM. I am anticipating a LOT of exciting announcements and powerful talks.
      Love you! ♥


  2. That video was very interesting. This isn’t like Papa John’s Pizza wanting to drop John Schnatter’s name from the brand to appeal to more people. I hear a lot of that, since I live in Louisville, where he’s from and the company has it’s headquarters. This, like President Nelson said, is correcting an error. I think too, that the name Mormon, over the years, has been looked down upon by the general public who don’t know the story behind the name. People hear that and wonder if you are Christians. They don’t know what it’s all about. But, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints leaves no doubt. You believe in Jesus Christ.

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