Camino Inglés Day 1: Ferrol to Pontedeume

Wednesday 10 October, 2018 – Day 1 ♥ from Ferrol to Pontedeume.

After our epic travel days we enjoyed a good night’s sleep. We had washed our travel clothes in the shower and hung them up as soon as we checked into the hotel, and they had dried nicely overnight. Knowing how far we had to walk today (35 Kilometers / 22 miles) we got an early start. First, we enjoyed a nice breakfast in our hotel’s dining hall.

Nice full breakfast

Today Jeff was wearing his Stewart plaid Scottish Sport Kilt in honor of his Mom Elaine who was a Stewart. (He wore it half the day, and changed to his hiking pants later)

The orange juice is fresh squeezed!

We made our way down to the dock where the original pilgrims from England and northern Europe would set foot on land and begin walking toward Santiago de Compostela. We took a photo standing on the ancient steps rising from the sea, and a photo and video at the first marker of the Camino Inglés.


The Camino path led us right back in front of our hotel. As we approached Jeff heard a couple speaking French and struck up a conversation with them. They had a lot of fun chatting in French together. We learned they were camping across Spain, and had spent the night in our hotel. The man tried to show us an app that we could download on our phones that would track our path without the use of data. However, we could never get it to work.

This couple from France are camping through Spain… with their dog… (although perhaps they’re “glamping” since they stayed the night in our hotel)

We only met 3 other pilgrims this entire day. A woman walking solo from Milan, Italy (carrying a very heavy pack) who planned to stop in Neda for the night. And a couple from Switzerland who chose to stop in Fene (between Neda and Pontedeume). He admitted he had just been released from the hospital two days earlier after a hernia operation. So, he decided he should “take it easy” today and “only” walk 20K. 🙂

The estuary we walked around today is fed by a tidal river.

We had many kilometers all to ourselves, walking in the beautiful hilly countryside, through forests and small villages, all around the large estuary (an inland tidal river, connected to the ocean). The air was so fresh and clean I could finally take a full deep breath! The weather couldn’t have been more perfect today. It was simply heavenly.

We left Ferrol at sunrise (about 8:30 am) and didn’t reach the bridge of Pontedeume until after sunset (about 8:30 PM / 20:30). An epic 12 hour journey (actually 13 hours – see bonus story). The guide books say you can do this walk in around 9 hours. … Well… maybe if you are a very fast walker, or if you never stop. We took a few sitting breaks, we stopped at a couple of cafes for food and drinks, and of course, I pause often to take photos… however, the majority of the time we were walking. We also chose to take both Complementario routes (alternate routes). The first was to see an historic old Mill – and since the tide was out, the boats were beached out in the mud… and we chose the second alternate route to avoid crossing a busy highway. These added an extra couple of miles to our trek. There were also a lot more hills than we expected!

As I prepared this post, I realized that I took so many photos and video clips it would be impossible to choose a small handful to share in this blog post. So, I decided to create a movie of our journey. I hope you enjoy walking along with us!

¿Estamos Perdidos?

But wait!! Our day wasn’t over yet! Of course not! Nothing ever goes easy for us, right? When we reached Pontedeume, we needed to find our hotel… and that turned into a new adventure. The Montebreamo is located up, up, up at the top of the hill headed out of Pontedeume. In hindsight, this would have been a very good time to find a taxi.

This hill is normally the route that all pilgrims climb on their second day. Unfortunately, we were climbing it after already walking about 35 Kilometers… and because we were so tired by now – and because it was so steep – and because it was so dark – and because of miscommunication with an Englishman…we took a wrong turn….

In the end, we walked over 45 Kilometers total (27 miles)… 56,0000+ steps on our FitBit. Whew!! But, it certainly was a grand adventure!!

A big THANK YOU goes to the doctor on our Camino chat site who encouraged using 3M surgical tape for our feet. A magical gift!! We had no hot spots or blisters despite such an arduous day! Happy feet = Happy pilgrims! We used this technique the entire Camino, combined with our silk liners and Darn Tough wool socks with complete success.

¡Buen Camino! – Holly


    1. Hi DeAnn – definitely! Place 3M surgical tape on your feet where there is any contact surface with the shoe. We focused on the balls of our feet and the heels, You only need a thin layer. If you feel a hot spot starting during your walk STOP immediately and tape it! We used silk liners from REI, and Darn Tough Wool Socks. We tested all of our gear on long walks before we left, and these are what worked best for us. There are lots of strong opinions out there among pilgrims and through-hikers, so you may need to experiment what what works for you. REI has a free guarantee and return policy, so I highly recommend them. Buen Camino!


  1. What an adventure, a little scary at the end. I don’t know that I would have had the nerve to go down that dark road. I don’t even go out after dark here in Louisville (lol). I hope your next leg of the trip goes smoothly and no more getting lost. The scenery was beautiful. I love the pictures you take. Looking forward to the next installment. Love you, Lynne

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  2. The thing I learned only after a few caminos is that I will make mistakes when I am very tired after a long day walking. I fractured my arm one time in Zafra on the via de la plata when I was taking off my backpack in a restaurant when I was too tired. It slipped and pulled my arm down too quickly onto the table. I also tend to stumble a ot when tired and have twisted my ankles etc. That’s why I try not to walk too far each day. I have found that 25Km was my limit. Now it’s only 15Km!

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  3. You brought back many good memories, I did the same walk in September,/18. I averaged about 15 k a day , and stayed in small hotels each night. Had a 2 day break in Bentanzos . For me an experience I will never forget.

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