Gethsemane Song and Book

A beautiful song entitled “Gethsemane” was written by Melanie Hoffman. It can be found on the “Stories of Jesus” CD (all original songs written by Hoffman) which is now re-issued and available for purchase. The story of Jesus Christ’s great Atonement in the Garden of Gethsemane has been captured in a perfectly simple and profound way. The angelic voice is Hannah Ford, a 9-year-old Utah native.


GETHSEMANE: Jesus Loves Me

Released April 2016: The lyrics of Melanie Hoffman’s beautiful song are enhanced by breathtaking paintings in this beautiful book for all ages. Book includes the sheet music for Gethsemane, as well as a free CD featuring four tracks of praise to our precious Savior and dear Redeemer. This book reminds us that the fight has already been won—by Jesus!

Purchase here



    1. An American thanks for watching and commenting.

      CWTPMOM – Glad you will be supporting the Hoffmans. Their CD’s are first class. If you can, be sure to get the Scripture Scouts Series – particularly the “Book of Gold” which is fantastic.


      1. I am so touched by this beautiful song about the Savior’s atonement for each of us! Thank you. Your music has had such a wonderful influence on our family for years. Years ago we purchased your Scripture Scouts Series and I cannot say enough good things about them. Even back in the day my 3 year old could tell you who was on Lehi’s ship because of your catchy song. This is one of my favorite ways to teach children about the gospel in unforgettable ways. They are so cleverly done. They are not only fun to listen to but you can feel the Spirit often when listening to them as well. We listen to them in the car a lot and guaranteed, the fighting stops when they are turned on. My children and grandchildren love them and ask me to turn them on. Our 6 year old sometimes cries when I don’t immediately turn them on. I could go on and on about these products! Every family should have copies of all of your CDs available. I really would be happy to help you advertise. (No, I’m not related to the Hoffmans) Thank you so much!



      2. Elaine, This blog is not run by the Hoffman’s but I will pass your comment along to them. I agree with you entirely! The “Book of Gold” series was released when I was serving my mission, and it was a real inspiration to me during a particularly hard time. A few years later, I shared them with my own children and even now as teenagers they still burst out into one of the songs!
        Best wishes, MoSop


  1. This is beautiful, the song, the singing, the pictures. The whole time I was thinking, who from my wife’s Primary could we get to sing this in Sacrament? Off to purchase the CD. Thanks so much.


  2. I am wondering if this song is available for use in primary? What would I need to do?
    I love it. My daughter has memorized this song and sings it all the time.
    Thank you


  3. Our choir performed this for Easter. Our director knows Roger Hoffman, and was able to get the piece from him.

    An incredibly moving and exquisite piece! We were all moved to tears every time we sang it. And our Ward loved the performance. We actually had a 14 year old girl sing the solo parts — she did a wonderful, pure performance.


  4. I LOVE! LOVE ! LOVE! THIS! I saw the award posted on for this song. I wonder if you know when and if it will be publish in any church literature? I would love to have my primary sing this for our program or at Christmas time. BEAUTIFUL!!


    1. Hi Teri, the best option is to use a video capturing program [there are several free online to choose from] – I personally like Video Converter – after you download the program, you will paste the url for the YouTube video, upload to your computer, and then you can either burn it to a disk or play directly from your laptop through a projector. – Happy Easter, MoSop


  5. I love this song! The children in the primary in my ward are singing it and I get tears every week they practice.I’m so glad my children are learning this song. Thank you.


  6. Our Primary is learning it this year for Easter along with the sign language to go with it. Such a beautiful song. Brings tears to all of us everytime we sing it in primary. And the children love it also. They are so reverent and try so hard to learn the sign language with it.


    1. Lorraine, yes. Go to the Hoffman’s website (linked in the post) and if you cannot locate, just send them an email through the contact feature. 🙂 Best wishes, MoSop


  7. This is beautiful and I was hoping to use this in our Easter sharing time. When I was asking permission from our bishop, he referred me to guidelines for copyright. So, my question is, are the pictures and music used copyrighted, and if so, do we have permission to use them in church settings from copyright holders. I found some pictures on the church website, but not all of them. Thanks!


    1. Sandy, the video uses photos from LDS archives approved for non-commercial use as well as photos from WikiMedia Commons allowed for non-commercial use. It would be very lovely and appropriate for Sharing Time. Happy Easter! – MoSop


    1. K Waugh, the video is functional on this site. Perhaps your browswer needs to be refreshed? This blog post also includes a link directly to the publisher’s page where the recording of “Gethsemane” can be purchased as part of the “Stories of Jesus” album. I will repost in this comment = PLEASE CLICK HERE.
      Happy Easter, MoSop


  8. I there a way to download the video onto a laptop? I want to use it in my lesson on Sunday for the Beehives and Deacons and we don’t have good internet in the church building. I have to download anything I want to share.


  9. I just found your site while looking for new ideas for primary singing time. Your postings are so inspirational. As a great grandmother I feel I have the best calling in the church ad i have the opportunity to teach the gospel to children through music. Thanks for all you do.

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