“Sing aloud unto God…make a joyful noise”

– Psalms 81:1

Welcome to Mormon Soprano – Personal Reflections of a Musical Missionary! Please pull up a chair and stay awhile! The creation of this web-log has a three-fold purpose; to share a spiritual message, to celebrate the power of music, and to praise our Savior, Jesus Christ for His tender mercies. I invite you to follow along with me on my personal journey through life as a musical missionary.

Morning Has Broken

Your comments and impressions are greatly appreciated!


  1. I love your site and would like to link to it on my new blog LIST for Mormon Moms. If you are willing please leave your blog name at Mormon Moms Who BLog
    You’d be a great asset to our list as we are trying to inter-mingle and bless each others’ lives!
    Thanks and….thanks for your inspirational and uplifting messages!


  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. To partially answer your question…I blog because it is fun (I need fun in my life), I compose because I can and because it gives me peace, I keep up with all 7 kids because I love them, I must and I want to. But, I never do a perfect job at any of these things!

    Great idea for a blog. I’ll put you on the links page of my website.


  3. Thank you for dropping by. Mom really does want to go home. She can’t understand why she has outlived all of her friends and lived longer than any of her brothers and sister. She is nearly blind and wonders why she is so tired all the time. I’m sure that being 99 years old has quite a bit to do with it! She’s looking over Jordan for the band of angels.


  4. =)
    trusting you to click the link and my question was answered


    I am sitting hear crying (the grateful happy kind of tears)

    you have no idea how much I appreciate you inspirational message!

    Kind and gracious MoSop, do you realize it is music that (ultimately anyway)

    was the deciding factor to push me off the fence. For years (nearly all my life)

    I thought “was that a miracle or just coincidence?”

    I thought “dusty you need professional help ie: psychiatric”

    it was music that I could not deny what was real and what was not.

    You really have no idea just how important it was to me to have seen

    your profile image as I was looking for answers and support.



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