The Journey

Does the Journey Seem Long?

Hymn 127

I stumbled onto a little quote today that really struck me. It is not only applicable to my life and current circumstances, but also embodies this weblog’s theme. As I finish up my Choir School homework, I will share it with you. We can ponder it together:

“You know, you will never get to the end of the journey. But this, so far from discouraging, only adds to the joy and glory of the climb.”

Winston Churchill


  1. I love the phrase “the joy and glory of the climb”.

    I wish more people really knew and experienced the truth that spiritual growth is FUN!

    Even in the ‘hard times’, we can rejoice and praise God in the knowledge that we ARE on the journey and the destination IS clear.

    We walk to God, and yes there IS an end to the journey, but the amazing thing is that the ‘end’ is actually the Beginning!!! Yahoooooo!


  2. “You know, you will never get to the end of the journey. But this, so far from discouraging, only adds to the joy and glory of the climb.”
    – Winston Churchill

    Some have a viewpoint within the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints that our life here on earth, our mortality, is somehow separate from eternity. It is as though those who hold this view consider that we once dwelt in eternity, have somehow departed that realm and will – someday – re-enter eternity.

    The broad truth of it all is that mortality is not a separate unit from eternity, but is a portion of it – we were born into eternity of Eternal Parents and we forever live in eternity, in that state of continuing existence; there are no separate streams of existence that end; there are different phases of eternity – such as pre-mortality, mortality, and post-mortality that we pass through; however, each of these are but portions of a greater whole.

    From our most fundamental creation beyond the regions of memory – our “journey” has ever been to live the kind of life our glorified Parents have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy throughout eternity.

    As the lives of our Eternal Parents are endless, their journey in living that life cannot ever be “completed” – cannot ever have an end. Their eternal existence through endless ages, even after attaining the very pinnacle of personal development and glory, is to enjoy “the joy and glory of the climb” in exalting their children to the happiness reserved for the exalted.

    How then, if we are to assume the lifestyle of our Parents can we believe there will or can be an end or a completion to our personal journey in eternity?

    True, we have completed the pre-mortal portion of our eternal life; we are currently working on the mortal probation portion of our eternal life and soon will complete this phase; one day we will wholly conquer sin and that portion of the journey will be complete; one day we will gain all knowledge and all power becoming – through Christ – a joint-heir in the kingdom of our God, then that portion or mile-marker on our journey will be complete – but we are striving for a never-fading crown, an unending kingdom, an inheritance with our Father, whose name is Endless. (Moses 1:3) Pre-mortality and mortality are but portions of eternal life: pre-mortality wasn’t a destination, mortality isn’t a destination; our goal and purpose always is to live the kind of life God lives, to experience what He does.

    Our journey is the grandest available in eternity, and – for the faithful – “There is no end” (Hymns, No. 284, 1985 Ed.) to Life Eternal, to the joys and sorrows associated with that highest calling; all we’ve had to do in ages past, and all that remains for us yet to do today and forever is take pleasure in “the joy and glory of the climb”: this mission did not end pre-mortally, it will not end with our mortality, and it cannot end in eternity for those who will honor the Lord and serve him in righteousness and truth today and always.


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