Change is in the air

I’ve retired my black and brown

Preferring the blue and green

I found my sandals

Along with an urge to clean

I purchased a new vacuum

And for over an hour

Gleefully watched the dog hair devoured

Things must be serious

I caught up on the laundry

I not only washed & folded

I put it all away

I removed the Christmas wreath from our door

(no, I actually didn’t do this before)

Then taking a walk in the fresh air I spied


 Crocus Convention

Melting Mountains of Snow…

Snow Retreats 

Sunshine dancing on the trees…

Sunshine Dancing on the Hills

Also a few oddities…

 Shrine to the Yard Gnome 

I returned to see my tulips blooming

Kitchen Tulips

All these signs declare

Our long winter must sleep

Now is the time to prepare

For Spring

The Easter Promise dawns

Rise and Shine!

Easter Morn

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