Always Remember

Today is Easter Sunday. A little trivia: It is the earliest calendar date that Easter will be celebrated for nearly two centuries.  The Christian world is commemorating the Atonement of Jesus Christ. It encompasses the life, suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Resurrection is the crowning event; when His spirit reunited with His glorified body. He left the tomb, and walked the earth again. Many hundreds saw him, spoke with Him, and viewed the scars of the nails in His hands and feet. This miraculous event took place on the 3rd day (Sunday) after Jesus died. (we call it “Easter Sunday”).

Easter is a day set aside to remember the sacrifice that Jesus made for each one of us personally. His gifts are freely given; Our sins can be washed away. Death is only temporary.

Today is a sacred and special day. However, Easter is not the only day that we should remember Jesus and the crucial work He performed. Every week I have the opportunity to attend my Sunday worship service. I participate in the sacrament (communion) ceremony. I remember Jesus by eating a piece of blessed & broken bread that represents His body, and by drinking some blessed water that represents His blood. When I do this, I make a sacred promise (called a covenant) with Jesus. I promise to take upon myself His name as my personal Savior and strive to represent Him and to be like Him. I promise to keep His commandments. I promise to always remember Him. In return, Jesus promises to always be with me, to comfort and to guide. 

I have discovered a talented young composer named Steven Stewart. His poetry and music have touched my heart.  Please enjoy the video attached here of his song entitled Nails & Thorns”. The words are typed below.

Nails & Thorns 

They drove nails in His hands

They made a crown that cut with thorns

They scarred Him with their beating

But his spirit stayed strong

They raised a cross, the heavens wept,

But still the masses scorned

And I feel the nails

I feel the thorns

John stood helpless

Mary faintly cried

They knew the ache of angels

When love was crucified

I heard the prisoner as he prayed

Remember me, oh, Lord;

I feel the nails

I feel the thorns

This broken bread, His body

This water like His blood

Please cleanse me, wash me worthy

To stand before my God

I’ve tasted His sweet mercy

When I stumbled off the road

I know He sees right through me

But His love makes me whole

Though I’m not the only one

He would have died for me alone

I feel the nails

I feel the thorns


May we Always Remember Him.

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