Pray for Eloise

I was touched by Sam Shaw’s post today regarding his sweet granddaughter Eloise. Little Eloise has a serious heart condition. She must undergo a critical surgery this week. I don’t know Sam. I have never met his family. And Sam does not know any of us. However, he has faith in our prayers. At times, there is a very real human bond the blogosphere offers. This is one of those times. Take a moment to read Sam’s post and get to know a little about Eloise. She is a special soul. And Sam seems pretty special, too.

I know first hand what heartache it is to have a child suffering and nothing much you can do but pray and hope. I know what it is like to be bone tired and yet continue to spend sleepless days and nights next to that little hospital bed – a heart “poured out” to the Lord. The nurses and doctors become extended family.  You draw a bit of comfort in the routines, and the medical jargon that measures each little step of progress. You are stretched mentally and emotionally to the brink of what you think humanly possible. And then you are asked to stretch a little more. This is what the Shaw family is enduring right now. My heart goes out to them in empathy.

I also know that medical miracles are real. This little baby is no exception. I have come to accept that our Heavenly Father has a plan in all of this. His ways are not our ways. He gives us opportunities to learn to trust Him completely. During my own experience, I was finally able to give up my will, and truly allow His will to be done. In that moment I experienced a “peace that surpasseth all understanding”.

In this life, we may never know why these precious little ones must suffer so much. But they become a light to all those who know them. They have a way of uniting souls, because they have such a pure connection with heaven. 

I would invite my readers to take a moment to pause wherever you are right now and offer a prayer for Eloise and the Shaw family. If we unite our thoughts, positive energy and prayers for this purpose we will effect great change. “For out of small and simple things, are great things brought to pass”. Human beings are endowed with divine power. We are each a child of God, and that makes us all brothers and sisters. Imagine the possibilities the internet opens up for us! Imagine the power for good we have as a global family! Jesus taught; “Come, Follow Me, all ye who are heavyladen, and I will give you rest…Peace I leave with you”.

May the Shaw family have peace this week, and always, as they endure this trial of their faith. This is my prayer for all my brothers and sisters tonight. In our Saviors Holy name, Amen.


  1. This post touched me, and my prayers are winging their way for this little girl and her family.

    You are so right about the power of our prayers on behalf of others. I’ve witnessed several miracles over the past few weeks with people in similar situations.

    Heavenly Father does listen, and if it’s right with Him, he does indeed bless individuals with more time on Earth.


  2. our prayers are with Eloise and your family at this time we will keep her in our hearts and prayers and ask those we know in our circle to pray for her as well. I am sure that God is watching over her.


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