The Strong Soul Of Gladys Knight

The news journal Ottowa Citizen recently published a feature article on the singer Gladys Knight, entitled “Sharing The Gospel”. The personal interview discusses her trials and achievements, her new autobiography , her 2006 Jazz recording, the death of her son, and her conversion in 1997 to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It is well worth reading!

I have so much love and respect for this amazing woman. As a vocal artist, no one pours more emotion and meaning into a song. As a survivor, she exemplifies the strength we each have within us to rise above. As a mother who has loved and lost deeply, she knows first hand the hope we have through Christ. As a woman of faith, she carries a sweet and calm assurance that our Heavenly Father loves each of His children, and guides our path. She is a strong soul spreading goodness wherever she goes, and shares the gospel of peace to a troubled world through her music. Thank you, dear sister Gladys! You are an inspiration!

“A Prayer For Peace” – National Memorial Day Concert in Washington, DC 2008


  1. I love Gladys Knight! Thanks for the link to the article and for the embedded YouTube video. I was blessed to attend one of her first Saints Unified Voices concerts in Southern California a few years back. What a diverse audience and what a powerful, spiritual and uplifting event.


  2. Gladys Knight is an amazing woman. Her talent is God given. She has been a great asset to the church as she has spread the gospel through her musical talent.

    She, along with The SUV Choir, has touched many by the spirit through the medium of music.

    If I may quote her,” “Everyone involved with this choir make sacrifices. They’ve got the vision and understanding of our calling as a missionary effort, and they are dedicated to the work.”

    She knows who she is and what the Lord wants her do to. She rocks!


  3. Saw your “Fireside” last night in
    Bloomfield hills bldg in Detroit!

    Marvelous GLADYS,

    Loved it & SUV~

    Thank you!



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