Truth Avoidance Deadlier Than AIDS

Many years ago a wise and loving father gave some basic ground rules to his children in order to protect them. Like any good parent, he knew the truth about the terrible dangers lurking in the world, and that he was responsible to warn his children.

Because he was wise, he also knew that there were serious consequences if any of these time-tested rules were broken or ignored, so he did everything in his power to teach and repeat the rules to prepare and protect his children.

The father emphasized that abiding by these rules was a very critical matter for the whole family, because whenever one child chose to disrespect, mock & ignore these rules, they placed all the others in danger. The father promised his children that if they could respect and honor all the truth he had diligently taught, they would have happiness, peace and protection.

As time went on, a growing child would declare that their way was better, smarter and more popular than Dad’s. They proudly justified that they were exceptional and the rule did not apply to them.

This would inevitably inflict dire consequences on themselves, and many others. Sometimes the children would learn from these devastating experiences and return to the wisdom of their father. But too often, they did not.

Now fast forward a few hundred years. The Father, his rules and the dangers have not changed. The current generation faces daily choices which bring them either closer to safety or peril. Sadly, many are choosing to believe this story is all just a nice myth that can easily be ignored. After all, everyone is free to believe and do what they want! Right? However, wise children easily see the truth. Evidence surrounds us every day of the sorrowful consequences innocent family members suffer because our Father’s important rules are forgotten and trampled. His warnings and teachings prove just as true today as always.

A story ripped right out of today’s Canadian National Press headlines, entitled Be Faithful, Or Die makes a strong witness. Two of our Father’s “top ten” rules, i.e. Maintain Sexual Fidelity and Tell the Truth, are dramatically highlighted in this recent report. This news article is a very global and sobering reminder of the consequences when rules are mocked and go unheeded. Reporter Barbara Kay exposes the hidden agenda’s and lies which plague the fight on AIDS/HIV. I encourage you to read the entire article.

Let me share my thoughts on some highlights:

“Michael Fumento, a public intellectual specializing in health issues, lamented the entrenched truth-avoidance in the AIDS industry

And what is the truth that so many are side-stepping?

Promoting abstinence and fidelity brings the only successful drop to HIV infection, and lasting change regarding this deadly illness.

The article highlights multiple published research analysis and findings that date clear back to the 1980s. Whenever sexual partners were reduced the AIDS diagnoses dropped directly in proportion. When strict abstinence and fidelity was followed, the incidence virtually disappeared.

But what about condom use, you say? Ah yes. The world’s favorite little breakfast champion of sexual promiscuity. The magic ticket to “safe sex” land! Sorry, condoms are neither a solution nor a prevention. In fact, the truth reveals they may have exactly the opposite effect!

“Even though condom use rose throughout the ’90s all over Africa, the HIV rate also kept climbing”

It is interesting to note that Uganda, who initially started with the highest AIDS statistics saw the greatest success while others were failing. What did they do differently? They were the only country running a campaign to promote restraint and fidelity!

In light of all the knowledge, statistics, and mountains of documented evidence establishing the true facts regarding this global life-and-death issue, what would you expect to have happen? Certainly all of this information would be shared quickly with the world! However, what do you suppose really happened when the truth was presented to the people with power to make a difference? You guessed it, a proud contingient of our earthly siblings decided the truth wasn’t popular or comfortable or convenient enough, so they avoided it, and made their own rules.

“When independent consultants, some of them hired by UNAIDS [The Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS], reported to the agency that partner reduction, not condoms, was largely responsible for Uganda’s HIV decline, their reports were ignored or never made public.”

Worse, international AIDS “experts” scolded Uganda’s National AIDS-Prevention Committee for encouraging sexual restraint, which was believed to be naive and ineffectual. Sadly, as advocacy of fidelity and youthful abstinence was systematically undermined, Uganda’s HIV rates began to rise again.”

It would be well over 20 years and millions of deaths later before these lies would begin to surface and truth & consequences acknowledged. (isn’t this sounding terribly reminisscent of the American Tobacco industry cover-up?… amazing how evil replicates itself. Are large lawsuits looming on the horizon? Who will we sue, condom manufacturers or UNAIDS? Oh wait…all the clients are dead)

UNAIDS publicly acknowledged that partner reduction was pivotal to HIV reduction. It took so long because, in the words of a candid insider: “There was a sense that promoting fidelity must be totally wrong if it was a message favoured by the Christian Right. We’ve made an emotion-based set of decisions and people have suffered terribly because of that.”

Wow. I can’t even find an appropriate response to equal this last horrifying revelation.

Here is yet another example to the world that any human being who chooses to follow the Father’s rules, even if they are among those “scary” Christian Right, are NOT WRONG! In fact, their efforts may very well be the only thing saving the earth from total annihilation.

The truth is finally out. What happens now?

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to deduce that the eradication of AIDS requires a “simple” and completely free solution. A return to the basic rules the Father gave us governing our sexual power; abstinence before marriage, and complete fidelity afterwards. Of course, I realize that our world is so contaminated right now after years of “sexual grazing”, that even if this was followed to the letter from this moment on, the after-effects would remain for some time. There are millions of currently infected victims, a contaminated blood and plasma supply, newly infected – including the unborn, and on it goes. Certainly the illness would inevitably continue to exist for years. However, the benefit to the world of STOPPING the root cause would create an immediate global balm. With a concerted effort, we could probably eradicate the world of this terrible pestilence once and for all within one generation or less! The truth is simple, and it sets us free!

Yes, sadly I know this is only a beautiful dream. Every single child of the human family would need to be fully committed to following the rules. The reality is that they never have before, so it is unlikely we will fully eradicate AIDS/HIV (or any other of the myriad social ills) from our midst because there are always earthly siblings who don’t really care about themselves, their family, nor the consequences of their actions.

However, this should not discourage us from vastly improving our world immediately! Now that the TRUTH is out, (or hopefully it will soon be OUT-ed by honest journalists and bloggers everywhere), we should demand policies and programs put immediately into place to educate the masses.

Will there be new TRUTH ad campaigns promoting abstinence (instead of condoms)? I hope so! Look what we have been able to accomplish with the TRUTH about smoking ads, and the “Just Say No” campaign against drugs! A little truth goes a long way.

And what will Hollywood do now? All of those eager-beaver “champions of AIDS” continually crying for the cure, and donating vast sums of other people’s money. Well, now the truth is out. The power to create the cure lies within each one of us, including them. So, will these icons of the silver screen actually practice what they preach? I would like to see them prove just how much they want to fight AIDS/HIV. Why not have them each reduce their own sexual partner body count? That would make a significant change to the world right there. Or, will they choose to stick to their “truth avoidance” campaign?

One holds out hope Hollywood will begin a new campaign promoting the TRUTH. They will create beautiful movies with family values, starring youthful characters who choose chastity before marriage, remind their friends that being a virgin is the cool new thang, and that nothing is sexier than a faithful marriage!

Together Forever

Will sexual addicts and predators be portrayed as the true criminals they are? Or will Hollywood continue to glamorize them? Is our global death threat real enough now that the public will finally demand a code of decency?

We each have the opportunity to take a stand. We each have the power to make a difference, and the responsibility to teach the rising generation. A popular children’s song states simply:

“Keep the Commandments,

In this there is Safety, In This There Is Peace!”

Our Father has never stopped pleading with his beloved children to trust in His wisdom, keep His important rules, and stay safe. As much as a parent would like, we cannot force our child to do the right thing. We all must choose for ourselves. It’s our turn to take a mighty stand. Hopefully, we realize that avoiding the truth is deadly.


  1. Perhaps this new, truly socially-responsible Hollywood (as opposed to the current Hollywood that likes to be socially conscious of popular and often unimportant celebrated leftist causes) will stop trying to guilt me into sending my money to “charities” that send about 35 cents of my dollar to kids who actually need help. Maybe instead, they will lift their voices to tell the world that in the midst of a global grain shortage, we still manage to find enough to produce 35 billion gallons of beer alone every year. That would feed a lot of those children with plaintive faces. Perhaps they will advocate an intelligent, scientific dialog and investigation on whether using DDT could prevent millions of deaths from malaria. Perhaps they will start admitting that their “green” protocols, which have only speculative benefits, definitely ensure that children in developing countries will continue to die horrible deaths from respiratory disease because their only fuel source is dung. Maybe instead of doing another “benefit concert” designed to encourage me to give them my money, they’ll skip a few $300 desserts and give the proceeds to a worthy cause. Maybe instead of making a big show of adopting yet another African orphan to hand off to the servants, they’ll start giving the kids they have some more of their time. And if they have to adopt, maybe they could consider offering a home to the child of a local pregnant teen who is considering an abortion.

    Sorry if I went off a little bit there. You kind of hit a hot button for me. And I agree with you 100%. Even as a seventh grader taking mandatory sex education, I could clearly see that abstinence was a better safeguard against STDs and unwanted pregnancy than condoms. No need for expensive UN studies there.

    Also, if you haven’t seen it, you inspired me to write about the profound effect music has had on my life. I cannot say too much how great an impact your service has on so many. Thank you for sharing your uplifting testimony here.


  2. What a beautiful post. I always enjoy my visit here. You are absolutely on the money with your thoughts and I couldn’t agree with you more.

    Obedience to the commandments is the only way to happiness, safety and peace.

    Thanks for sharing your testimony:)


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