Mormon Missionaries Save Woman’s Life

Two LDS (Mormon) missionaries performed an act of heroism this week, saving a woman’s life.  The two young men, Elder Beard and Elder Bennellack, are serving full-time missions in Australia for the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They were put to the ultimate test, when walking down the street they came upon a pregnant woman being repeatedly stabbed. Although the young men had no training for such a dangerous situation they immediately went to the woman’s rescue. They miraculously were able to talk the attacker away from the victim, who then fled. They carried the woman to safety, and flagged down a man in a car passing by who turned out to be an off-duty policeman. The woman was taken to the hospital for immediate care, and the attacker was arrested a very short time later.

One of the missionaries stated that “everything just came together” for being at the right place at the right time. What a brilliant example of bravery and selfless service. There were certainly many miracles involved. This is a beautiful 21st century version of the good samaritan parable. It is the gospel of Jesus Christ being put into action!  



  1. Miraculously? Couldn’t any two concerned people have stopped the stabbing? Perhaps even one concerned person?

    I mean, it’s great that mormon missionaries do something GOOD once in awhile… but miraculous? hardly.

    Comments like that are one of the things that make normal people think mormons are really weird.


  2. Hi Measure,
    Thanks for stopping by the site, reading and leaving a comment. I absolutley agree with you that perhaps any concerned person could have helped. But, they didn’t

    The news report states the attack had been going on in the driveway of the home for several minutes before the missionaries arrived – (in fact, the woman is still in hospital, her wounds were so serious). However, during that entire attack no one in the neighborhood bothered to even call the police, let alone come out and try to stop the attack.

    Yes, I definitely stand by my “miraculous” statement for this event!

    Your last sentance gave me a good chuckle. Thank you for the compliment. If believeing in God and miracles is what makes someone “wierd”, then I am very pleased to carry that distinction. Who wants to be ‘normal’, anyway? Not me! 🙂


  3. Measure, I think your definition of what “miracle” means is different from mine, and most Mormons’. A miracle is not God breaking some law of nature to make something happen. It is when He uses the laws of nature in ways we do not fully comprehend to benefit His children. I do not know what God had to do to ensure that those missionaries would be there to help this woman, or to give them the courage to intervene, or to bring the confrontation to a peaceful resolution (there is no indication that they were trained hostage negotiators, or that they had elite martial arts training to rely on if things went awry). But I say that the Lord miraculously spared this woman’s life. He saved her by sending two of His servants who could help. It was no less miraculous than when He saved His drowning disciples on the sea of Galilee from the tempestuous waves. In both cases, the Master stretched out His arm in mercy to a child in danger, and used His power over the Earth and its elements to mercifully deliver. If that is no miracle, then there never was a miracle worked on the Earth. And I am with MoSop in declaring that I fully believe in miracles. And if that makes me “weird,” then count me among those “weird” ancients who also believed in miracles and relied on the Lord’s merciful power to deliver.


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