The Music Within Us

Because of its ability to communicate, music is often described as the “Universal Language”. Many definitions of music implicitly hold that music is a communicative activity, which conveys to the listener moods, emotions, thoughts, and impressions. Indeed, music seems to have, as many definitions as there are participants and listeners. Trying to describe the meaning that music has for each of us personally becomes as difficult as trying to describe our love, or a spiritual witness. Mere words are inadequate.

From a scientific analysis, when broken down to its core element, music is energy. Within that energy is rhythm, the beat, or “pulse” which breathes creative life. All living things absorb and radiate energy. Energy is stored by cells in the form of substances such as carbohydrate molecules and lipids, which release energy when reacted with oxygen. Certainly, all living things also absorb and radiate the energy of music. Our very cells store the power of music, which may then be released and used in any manner of creative processes.

Musical energy may be expressed through our vocal chords producing a song, or channeled through our fingers and breath to play an instrument. However, the power of musical energy cannot be limited to such a narrow scope. The word Music is derived from the Greek word for Muse – which in modern English has come to be known as the “inspiration for all creative process”. Thus, Music is Inspiration.

Music is the power that endows the dancer with rhythm and grace, the painter’s masterful brushstrokes, the writer’s unique wordplay, and the comedian’s quick wit…but this power is not limited to the traditional Arts! Musical energy and inspiration can direct the surgeon’s skillful hands, the accountant’s calculations, the lawyer’s closing argument, the secretary’s discretion, the athlete’s endurance, the fireman’s bravery, the soldier’s sacrifice, the father’s wisdom, and a mother’s tenderness…

Indeed, all human beings have their own song to sing. Within each of us lies the power to rise above ourselves; the power to serve, the power to love, the power to create, and to express. This power is unlimited, and the possibilities are endless.

When Sean Forbes turned one year, he lost his hearing. Sean was the son of two musician parents, and he desired to have a career in music also. His life-long ambition was realized as he learned to express his music within. Sean is now the co-founder of the Deaf Performing Artists Network (D-PAN). He pioneered the art of ASL music videos. He has raised awareness and acceptance of the hearing impaired. He is a champion of the universal human ability to be creative.

“A perfect body is not required to achieve a divine destiny.”

Elder Russell M. Nelson, Quorum of the Twelve Apostles – Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and former heart surgeon

As we reach within, and stretch outward, we will discover the music of our divine soul.

May we never silence the music that lies within us!



  1. I believe that music is true energy. One time while in Switzerland I had the opportunity to hear a small group of villagers sing in the most harmonious fashion a “Yodel”.

    Although the words were not familiar to me because I did not understand the language… the music struck me to the core. The energy was so powerful as the clarity of their perfectly blended voices resonated through the room.

    Yes, music is power that can be felt, not only heard.


  2. This is so beautifully presented. I truly believe that not only is music the “universal language”, but that music is ultimately the perfect language. So personal, and yet with an ability to move beyond the surface and infuse itself into others… flawlessly.



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