Let It Out: The Movie

The Olympic Games in Beijing is just around the corner, and so is the release of a documentary which celebrates the spirit & emotion of an amazing global event that for a few glorious days unifies the entire world!

I am looking forward to seeing “Let It Out: The Movie”. – Release Date August 14, 2008 – This inspiring flick is sponsored by Kleenex and will be directed and produced by Lookalike Productions, founded by twin sisters Lisa Lax and Nancy Stern. Lax and Stern have participated in the production of six Olympic Games and have won a combined 16 Emmy Awards for their production of more than 500 athlete profiles and short films, including their critically-acclaimed documentary, Emmanuel’s Gift. Lax and Stern will utilize a “Good Listener” – broadcast journalist Paul Hochman – who will invite Olympic Games and U.S. Olympic Team fans and current and hopeful Olympians to sit on the Kleenex brand’s blue couch and share their favorite stories and “let it out” Olympic Games memories. Watch The Promo:

You Can Join The Official Facebook Page Here


  1. sounds like an interesting movie. As a native Chinese I have been looking forward to the Beijing Olympics. I still remember how excited I was after we won the Olympics 2008.

    Now I am looking for some websites or softwares that allows me to watch Olympics games through Chinese TV media. The NBC broadcasting tend to have too many commercial and cut off when athletes from other countries compete.


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