Mormon Olympian (Mo-Lympian) Blogs

A big kudos to Emily Jenson at MormonTimes for providing this list of Mormon Olympian (“Mo-Lympians”) Blogs in her latest column. I am sharing it here as a follow-up to my Mormon Olympic Dreams 2008 post (which by the way is getting great traffic – thanks for reading!). Some exciting things are happening in Beijing – and it is fun to read first-hand accounts of the experience!

Wednesday, Aug. 13:

Mo-lympians’ blogs: Some of the Mormon Olympians keep blogs! You can read about their personal Olympic experiences, see how they prepared, view photos and more! Enjoy!

Jake Gibb
Jake Gibb

Jake Gibb, BEACH VOLLEYBALL: “Yeeeeeeeees! My first Olympic win. Sheez that felt good! I’ll remember that feeling for a long time�” from Aug. 12, 2008 entry about the match against the Netherlands.

Melanie Roach

Melanie Roach, WEIGHTLIFTING: “The Great Wall was amazing! I choked back the tears a bit because being there symbolized the completion of my Olympic Journey. It all still seems so surreal�” from Aug. 11, 2008 entry about visiting Chinese sites.

Josh McAdams, TRACK AND FIELD: “A little miracle happened today. I went to find out about my planner that I lost when we first went out to Dalian. I left it in the accreditation area on our way out. My planner doesn’t have a ton of important info, but it really helps keep my life organized…” from Aug. 12, 2008 entry about his adventures in China so far.

Lindsey Anderson, TRACK AND FIELD: “It’s been fun to spend time with all the other athletes here and get to know them better as well as spending time with the ones from previous years. Anyway, things are good!…” from Aug. 6, 2008 entry about her first few days in China.

Hayley Palmer, SWIMMING: “I just watched the final of the men’s 4x100m freestyle relay and am convinced that I just saw one of the greatest races of any sport of all time! My heart is still trying to recover!…” from Aug. 10, 2008 entry about viewing the swimming races thus far.

April Steiner-Bennett
April Steiner-Bennett

April Steiner Bennett, TRACK AND FIELD: “Was the Opening Ceremonies not INCREDIBLE!!! I mean, they couldn’t have had a more appreciative, patriotic, young buck out there marching with the U.S. team besides me!!! I am just all grins from ear to ear�” from Aug. 9, 2008 entry about the Opening Ceremonies.

Tairia Flowers, SOFTBALL: “Day after day we get to play the game we love with people we love while preparing to play on the largest stage our sport has to offer. I love my life! Keep cheering on the red the white and the blue�” from June 30, 2008 entry about preparing to leave.

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