Trying A New Look

Millais "Autumn Leaves" 1856

Hi readers – The Crispness of Fall is in the air!

Most of us do a good “Spring Cleaning” each year. I’m no exception. However, I always get a hankerin’ for an Autumn spruce-up. So, in the “Spirit of the season” I am trying on a new look for the site. My awesome host ( Word-press) also just released a new feature called “Sticky Page”. This feature keeps a designated “top page”, and then all new pages will update underneath. This allows me to delete the extra “Welcome Page” that was cluttering things up – and still offer a little intro for new readers. For all returning readers, you can just scroll past the “Welcome”, and continue reading as usual. Let me know what you think about the new look. I’m open to suggestions. Is it easier to find things, or more difficult? What’s better/worse? What features or options would you like to see on Mormon Soprano in the future? I will appreciate feedback.

Since it is just the beginning of Autumn, I anticipate I may get another hankerin’ to try on something new…so, check back often (as usual) for all the latest exciting updates from MoSop!

Wishing you a Happy “Change-Of-Seasons”!

Listen: All Things Bright And Beautiful]


  1. Hey MoSop-

    I like the look of your new site. I especially like that the main page is your blog.

    Neat to learn of the sticky page – you are ahead of me on the technology and I hope you think imitation is flattery. How did you find me/my site anyway? (sure glad you reached out to me, btw)

    Earlier I had seen books on your header and was going to say..Not sure the significance of the books but they look cool. Now the headline is back to your statue which I like much better.



  2. Sweet – thanks for the great feedback. Yes, the song was on Sunday’s broadcast, and I’m glad you enjoyed it!

    Jackie – The books were a default picture that came with the new template. You must have clicked in right during the 15 minutes or so it took me to upload my Angel Moroni header. 🙂

    I originally found your blog from my Google search alert (I have several) You used “Mormon Tabernacle Choir” in your text – I try to read as many other blogs as I can with similar interests and leave a comment or two. I know how much I LOVE (*hint *hint everyone) getting comments, so I pay it forward. It is also a great way to make new friends like yourself. Keep in touch!


  3. Great new look but I think I’d put up with just about any graphic to get to your heart-the music and the open sharing of your faith and life.

    As the music says so well, “all things bright and beautiful”. May the Father be praised for His new creation in His Son Jesus Christ.


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