Joseph Smith The Prophet: A Musical Presentation

Joseph Smith and The Angel Moroni
Joseph Smith is given the ancient records by Angel Moroni

In March 2001, a new musical production entitled “Joseph Smith the Prophet“, premiered at the Provo Utah Tabernacle. Composer Rob Gardner was then a student at Brigham Young University. Gardner organized the first stage concert with the help of many talented volunteer musicians. The response was overwhelming. The audience filled the venue beyond capacity, forcing many to listen from the lawn outside. In the months and years following, thousands more have been able to attend performances. Global church and musical groups have also staged presentations. Similar to a ‘classical American musical’ or a ‘modern oratorio’, Gardner employs sung lyrics, narration, orchestra and chorus.

The power of “Joseph Smith the Prophet” goes deeper than just the beautiful music. It comes from the witness it bears: that Joseph Smith, Jr. was a prophet of God and that he did indeed see what he said he saw.

MormonSoprano has discovered a series of short films created by videographer Seth Adam Smith which combine Rob Gardner’s music & narration, with paintings to tell the story of Joseph Smith. Here is the episode regarding The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ.


In 1820 a 14 year old boy named Joseph Smith Jr. experienced a heavenly vision of God the Father and Jesus Christ. The following video gives the history of what happened 3 years later. In 1823, while Joseph was offering a humble prayer, another heavenly visit occurred. This time, an angel brought a message, and instructions. God’s great and marvelous work was just beginning!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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  1. What an incredible find!!–The music of Rob Gardner is so powerful and Smith’s video adds to the spirit of testifying of Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon and the Savior of the World so beautifully. Thank you, MoSop for all your sleepless nights!! I am leaving your blog with my testimony and faith in the Lord and His great Plan of Happiness strengthened.


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