Ronan Tynan, Voice of Courage

Ronan Tynan
Ronan Tynan

Ronan Tynan has overcome tremendous odds throughout his life, rising to become one the world’s most inspirational men.

Tynan was born in Ireland on May 14, 1960. He suffered with a lower-limb disability, but kept very active in sports and excelled in horsemanship. Unfortunately, after complications from an auto accident, both of his legs were amputated when he was just 20 years old. However, he didn’t let that get in his way. Fitted with prosthetics, within days after his surgery he was climbing his dorm room stairwell, and challenging himself to push the limits of his “new legs”.

One year later, Tynan competed at the Paralympic Games. Between 1981 and 1984, Tynan took home 18 gold medals and set 14 world records, nine of which still stand.

But that was just the beginning of his success. Tynan was the first amputee admitted to the National College of Physical Education in Limerick, Ireland. After working a few years in the prosthetics industry, Tynan earned his medical degree at Trinity College Dublin in 1993, becoming an orthopedic physician specializing in sports injuries.

Following his career as a physician, Tynan began vocal training. Within just two years, he won three international vocal competitions. He toured and recorded as a member of the Three Irish Tenors. In 2005, Tynan released his first solo album which debuted at No. 2 on Billboard Magazine’s Classical Crossover Chart.

Tynan has performed at Madison Square Garden and gave a stirring vocal tribute at the funeral of U.S. President Ronald Reagan where he sang “Amazing Grace” and Franz Schubert’s “Ave Maria”. Shortly following the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, Tynan sang “God Bless America” at Yankee Stadium, moving the crowd of thousands to tears.

Ronan Tynan’s memoir “Halfway Home, My Life ‘Til Now” was published in 2002. These days, he tours the country giving motivational speeches. Sharing his good humor and musical talent, Tynan works to inspire each person to achieve their dreams. He remains an avid supporter of the Paralympic Games, and the Special Olympics.

Ronan Tynan is a shining example of perseverance, and exemplifies the power of the human spirit. A devout Roman Catholic, he has a strong and abiding faith in God. He acknowledges freely that it has been heavenly power which has enabled him to walk through every door which has opened before him. May he continue to uplift, inspire and raise his beautiful voice of courage.


Ronan Tynan singing Amazing Grace at Ronald Reagan’s Funeral


  1. Is he the tenor who sang with the Choir in maybe the last year or so? He did a solo about Ellis Island. If so, I don’t think I even realized he had prosthetic legs. And what a voice!


  2. Ronan Tynan performed with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sometime in 2006 or 2007 or 2008. I have looked everywhere for this broadcast but cannot find it. Do you know where I can find it?


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