Consider The Lilies: Fear Not

consider-the-lilies-childrenJesus often taught his followers to “fear not“. In today’s world climate of anxiety and uncertainty, Christ’s parable of the lily is more relevant than ever, and offers us great comfort and proper perspective.

In the Master’s sermon on the mount, imagery from nature is used to remind us of God’s power over all things.  (see Matthew 6:28-33)

Composer Roger Hoffman explained that he desired to set the Savior’s words to music as an expression of his personal gratitude to the Lord for “[always sending] help, just when we needed it.”  

Hoffman’s beautiful music has been performed by many artists and choirs throughout the world, and has touched countless souls. I would like to express my own personal gratitude to the Lord for His tender mercies with this visual tribute to Hoffman’s song. (see MoSop Movie attached below).

He clothes the lilies of the field. He feeds the birds in the sky. And he will feed those who trust him, And guide them with his eye.

Consider the sweet, tender children, Who must suffer on this earth. The pains of all of them he carried, From the day of his birth…He feeds the lambs in His fold, And he will heal those who trust him, And make their hearts as gold.”  – R. Hoffman

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  1. This song, Consider the Lilies, was my lifeline at a very painful time in my life. Our beautiful eldest daughter was recovering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (following a molestation and date rape.) She was a gifted, talented, lost and unhappy girl with whom we were struggling to rebuild a relationship. We had just purchased a bookstore and this was quite a new song in the market. The bookstore became her “warm, safe cave” where she could hide and surround herself with beautiful thoughts, art, and music. I’d come in to take over the store from her and she would be playing this song. She’d leave and I would replay it two or three times with the tears running down my face, pleading with Him to care for my sweet, tender child. He did and He has.


    1. a mom – I thank you for sharing your extremely personal and powerful story of the healing power of Christ. This particular song testifies of that power to our souls in a remarkable way.

      ali – Thank you. I hope you stay often.


  2. MoSop, what a beautiful blog you have!

    You visited my blog recently and I wanted to say thank you and repay the favor.

    However, when I got here a few days ago, I found a place to stay for a while–I haven’t left yet! I’ve just been reading and gleaning the peace and beauty from your blog.


  3. I performed this song as a solo Sunday for our ward. I am the Ward Music Co-ordinator and I felt that this song needed to be heard at this time. I received so many appreciative responses and requests from those who wanted the CD or the sheet music. It is one of my favorite arrangements and when I heard the Tabernacle choir sing it the same day I knew it was meant for me to play it that day. This is a beautiful website and I’m enjoying it so much.


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