In The Shadow Of The Temple

During the Saturday morning session of this month’s General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, LDS apostle Elder Richard G. Scott addressed the subject of Temple Worship. This talk has had a significant impact upon our family. When we heard the following words, the message sank deep into our souls, and spurred us to action:

Elder Scott

“Because I love you, I am going to speak to you heart to heart, without mincing words. I have seen that many times individuals have made great sacrifices to go to a distant temple. But when a temple is built close by, within a short time, many do not visit it regularly. I have a suggestion: When a temple is conveniently nearby, small things may interrupt your plans to go to the temple. Set specific goals, considering your circumstances, of when you can and will participate in temple ordinances. Then do not allow anything to interfere with that plan. This pattern will guarantee that those who live in the shadow of a temple will be as blessed as are those who plan far ahead and make a long trip to the temple.”

Our family falls under the category of “living in the shadow of the temple”. Literally. A glorious LDS temple is within a 20 minute walk from our home, or a 5 minute car ride. Thus, Elder Scott’s words took on a personal meaning, and bore deep into our hearts. First, we felt the great need to repent for not attending the temple as often as we possibly could. Second, we felt a deep desire to make changes, and follow Elder Scott’s counsel.



2009 April 18 SLC Temple
2009 April 18 - Salt Lake Temple

As a family, we first considered our specific circumstances. Both my husband and I are endowed temple recommend holders. Which means, we are eligible to perform all ordinances within the temple on behalf of deceased ancestors. Both of our children are now old enough to hold youth temple recommends. Which means, they are eligible to perform temple baptisms and confirmations on behalf of deceased ancestors.

Therefore, our personal circumstance allows for us to attend the temple together as a family.




2009/04/25 Jordan River
2009 April 25 - Jordan River

When visiting LDS we discovered that there are currently thirteen operating temples within a three hour travel radius of our home! When expanding the travel time incrementally by hour, the tally of temples rises.

What a marvelous time we live in, when temples dot the earth!

Therefore, our family set the specific goal that we would arise early on Saturday mornings and travel to a different temple each week on the list we had compiled.




Bountiful Utah Temple
Bountiful Utah Temple

Elder Scott wisely cautioned that conflicts will naturally arise to potentially sway us from meeting our goal. We looked ahead on our calendar and noticed a few conflicts on Saturday mornings which had the potential to derail our goal. Therefore, we resolved that the most important part of our goal was to attend the temple weekly. No matter which temple, or day. If attending on a Saturday is impossible, we have resolved to schedule our temple trip on a different evening of that particular week.




LDS Temple Springtime Garden
Springtime Temple Garden

Today marks our second “Family Temple Day”, and we have already experienced many blessings. On our Temple Day, prior to leaving our home, we kneel in prayer thanking our Father in Heaven for the blessing of being able to attend the temple. We ask for a safe journey, and for the holy spirit to touch our hearts. We also pray for those deseased ancestors whom we will be performing sacred ordinances for that day.  Traveling to and from the temple we play sacred music, and we read historical facts about the temple we are attending, including portions of the dedicatory prayer (easily found online). Upon our arrival, we take some time to enjoy the sacred temple grounds and beautiful landscaping. We find someone to take our family photo in order to commemorate our temple visit. Then, we enter the temple reverently, prepared to serve with joyful hearts. If the temple has a cafeteria, we enjoy eating a meal together. Doing so not only allows us to spend extra time within the temple as a family, but the food is also priced reasonably.

Jordan River Spires
Jordan River Spires

As my family and I traveled home from the temple today, we took the time to share our experience and impressions with each other. Many recalled the names of those whom we performed vicarious work for, the date or location of their birth. This morning for example, my daughter shared how touching it was to be proxy for a woman born in 1575. We reflected upon how long that sweet sister had been waiting for her baptism day!




Every Latter-day Saint has a different situation. On one end of the spectrum are members who still live such a long distance away from a temple that they must save for many years in order to travel for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. On the opposite spectrum are members who have multiple temples within their daily reach. The majority of members have circumstances which lie somewhere inbetween. No matter what our situation may be, great blessings await us as we strive to set specific goals to go to the House of The Lord, to receive His blessings, and to keep the temple forever in our hearts– MoSop

slc-temple-spires“…when we keep the temple covenants we have made and when we live righteously in order to maintain the blessings promised by those ordinances, then come what may, we have no reason to worry or to feel despondent…the Lord has restored His gospel in its fulness, including the ordinances that are required for us to be happy in the world and to live everlastingly happy lives in the hereafter.”

– Elder Richard G. Scott


  1. Hi MormonSoprano!

    it’s been awhile.

    I appreciate your break-down of the talk and also showing us how we can prepare and plan on attending the temple and getting the most out of it.

    I’ve found that when I prepare my heart and my mind the temple is a rewarding and spiritual experience. Many times we take it for granted having one close by and need to make extra effort to prepare and appreciate the temple.

    Thanks for the reminder!



  2. Wow, thanks for this. I am also one of those that live close to a temple, and in fact, my husband and I drive by it at least once a week to visit our friends that live a few miles away from it, and yet we always find excuses not to go.


  3. In our Stake Conference today, our sweet Stake President encouraged us to specifically utilize the Sabbath day, to organize ourselves and plan our temple attendance. We truly are blessed to have so many temples that dot the earth – and for many of us, are a short distance from our homes.

    Thank you for the wonderful reminder of an inspired prophet of the Lord’s teachings about temple service.



  4. I love it! Can you tell me, are you making appointments for your girls in the baptistry? I need to call our temple and see if we can do that. I wasn’t sure if they could go without a big group. I am very inspired by this. Thank you!


    1. Lorena,
      The temple definitely wants you and your family to attend, and will be thrilled to accomodate you!

      So far, we have not needed to make an appointment – however, it is a good idea to call ahead to double check on hours and requirements. Every temple has slightly different protocols. For example, one smaller temple can only accomodate “walk-ins” if you provide a priesthood holder to accompany the teens for the baptising; otherwise an appointment will ensure an ordinance worker has been scheduled to be present. If there is a large group ahead of you when you arrive, be prepared to wait until the entire group goes through first (another reason to call ahead, so you can beat the rush).

      Note: I have found that initiatory takes exactly the same time as the baptisms, which makes a very nice option for the endowed adults in the family. So far, my husband has been in high demand at the baptistry. (they are typically short handed on priesthood workers).

      Another side note: When you call the temple, be sure to double check whether they have a cafeteria open at the time you plan to attend. We learned the hard way as a particular temple which has a cafeteria no longer serves breakfast.

      Best wishes on a wonderful family temple experience. After you go, be sure to share your story!


  5. Hi, thank you for writing this wonderful post with its inspiring title.
    I went back- after already writing a poem based on this talk- and wrote another. I am actually grieving a little to be moving away from my temple which is the Oakland temple. Shortly, I will be living in the Las Vegas area. And I am grateful there is a wonderful temple nearby.

    In the Shadow of the Temple

    In the shadow of the temple
    I vow to attend as I should
    To then bless mine and God’s people
    Doing work that is ever good

    May I make new preparations
    That at a session there is one more
    Bringing names for participation
    Let naught interrupt what I’ve planned for

    Richard G. Scott
    Ensign, May 2009,


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