Happy NaBloPoMo!

BloggingThat’s “National Blog Posting Month“, of course!  (hat tip WordPress)

Yep, there is even an official NaBloPoMo Blog WebSite dedicated to encouraging you to write something every day and share it with the world.

For those of you with your own blogs – you may JOIN NOW. It’s open to anyone with a blog, anywhere in the world.

And, for those of you who don’t have a blog yet, but are itching to delve into the world of online self-expression, you may post your thoughts directly on the NaBloPoMo home page, just check out the FAQ for directions. In light of this week’s American holiday, I can’t think of a better way to celebrate freedom!

Two words: Blogger Nirvana.


And, while we are in such a celebratory mood my Bloglings – Have a very Happy First Zepplin Flight Day, too!


But wait, there’s more!  Thank you readers for helping Mormon Soprano surpass 100K visitors this morning! Wow – it’s a great day all around!

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