Sunshine In My Soul Today

MoSop on a Nature Walk
MoSop on a Nature Walk

Recently I have been taking nature walks during my lunch hour. Not only has this been refreshing to my mind and body, but also to my soul. I started carrying my camera with me on these afternoon adventures, and ended up with quite a collection of photos! Looking at them has filled me with gratitude for this beautiful world we live in. I realize more each day just how much we owe our Savior, Jesus Christ. He has truly given all light, life and hope to this amazing earth. Thinking about it fills my heart with joy. And naturally, I wish to share it. Thus, I have created a video for you to enjoy these images (all but 3 are my own). The music is Mack Wilberg’s arrangement of the Hymn “There is Sunshine In My Soul Today“.

Have a wonderful, sunny day!

Vodpod videos no longer available.


  1. MoSop, thank you for sharing your inspiring vistas and beautiful autumn scenery in this lovely musical video. The sunshine and gorgeous leaves bring a sense of awe and gratitude for the gift of this miraculous world. I appreciate your thoughtfulness so much and shared your creation with my friends. . .


  2. Simply lovely; both the music and the pictures. You create a video like a true artist. Thank you for the inspiration and your personal touch re: the source of the sunshine in your soul. The fall sun is awesome on SLC but it is the Son who is the light of life.

    Have a blessed November. Trust your college gal is doing great at school.


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