New Words

“On The 6th Day of Christmas, MoSop shares a music treat”…

NEW WORDS sung by Brian Stokes Mitchell (so sweet!)


The first time I heard broadway star Brian ‘Stokes’ Mitchell perform this song, my soul was deeply touched. In fact, I was moved to tears. Not only was I overcome by Stokes incredible, passionate performance, but also by the message of the piece. This song reminds us that when we see the world through the eyes of a child, life is a joyous miracle!

I have created this particular musical gift for two reasons. 

#1. It stands as an obvious tribute to Stokes, whom I deeply admire as not only a stunningly gifted performer, but a human being who manages to be genuine, and has strong family values. No one who visits my site should be deprived of discovering the “magic of Stokes”!!

#2. My primary reason for sharing this video is to give a  holiday gift of hope to my readers, and to the world. I personally feel this song captures the very essence of Christmas. We have a Child, a Father, the Spirit of Wonder, and the Wonders of Creation – all wrapped up together in a tidy 4 minute musical package to ponder and enjoy! 

So, despite the chaos of the impending holidays, and the many things that may be weighing heavy on your heart this season, it is my prayer that God will Bless you to feel the true Peace and Joy that can only come from A Child!

NEW WORDS (Lyrics and Music by Maury Yeston)
Look up there, high above us,
In a sky of blackest silk.
See how round, like a cookie
See how white as white as milk.
Call it, “the moon” my son,
Say “MOON”.
Sounds like your spoon, my son,
Can you say it?
New word today!
Say “MOON”

Near the moon brightly turning,
See those shining sparks of light?
Each one new, each one burning
Through the darkness of the night.
We call them “stars”, my son,
Say “STARS”!
That one is Mars, my son.
Can you say it?
New word today!
Say “Stars”.

As they blink all around us,
Playing starry-eyed games,
Who would think it astounds us
Simply naming their names?

Turn your eyes from the skies now.
Turn around and look at me.
There’s a light in my eyes now,
And a word for what you see.
We call it “Love”, my son.
Say “LOVE”.
So, hard to say, my son.
It get’s harder.

New words today, we’ll learn to say.
Learn “moon”, learn “stars”, learn “love”.
La la la la …
Learn “Moon”, learn “stars”, learn “happy”
Learn “peace”, learn “love”, learn “puppy”
Learn “friend”, learn “toy”, learn “sharing”
Learn “hope”, learn “joy”, learn “caring”,
Learn “Life is there for living”
And “Love is there for giving”
Learn merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily
Live, and Laugh, and Dream.


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