A Christmas Poem

“On The 9th Day of Christmas, MoSop shared a poem…. to lighten up your holiday home!”

Christmas Time

With the hustle and bustle of Christmas time,
Our family starts to complain and whine
There is snow to shovel, and food to prepare
The in-laws are coming, with no time to spare
There are too many goodies affecting our waist
But we can’t resist having “just one little taste”!


Dad is in bed, he’s come down with the flu
Poor little Sarah can’t find her lost shoe
Mom and the kids have to string up the lights
But wires are tangled and all start to fight
There’s shopping and baking and wrapping to do
And poor little Sarah still can’t find her shoe!


But wait! Stop! What is Christmas about?
The Christ-child of course, there isn’t a doubt!
So let’s pray for Daddy, and find Sarah’s shoe
Untangle the lights, and try something new
We’ll all work together, and have a fun time
Remember the Christ child, and His birth divine.


[special thanks to the MP2 Relief Society Sisters]

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