“Do You Have Room?” Song Sensation

Shawna Belt Edwards

A new song has been released just in time for Christmas by LDS / Mormon musician Shawna Edwards which is taking the world by storm. It asks the timeless question: “Do YOU have room for the Savior?”

Within 24 hours, Edwards music video on YouTube started “going viral”, and since she has offered the MP3 and the sheet music as a free downloadable file – it is sure to be sweeping YouTube, websites, Facebook and Blogs by storm over the next few days. Of course, I can’t help joining in the excitement, too! The song, and message is beautiful. For her video, Edwards’ original music was arranged by Daniel Blomberg, and performed by LDS singer/songwriter April Meservy.

“There was no room for Him in the inn. Do you have room for Him in your life?”

December 14, 2009 Interview Update

MoSop received a personal email from Shawna Belt Edwards who graciously agreed to share additional personal information, and some background on the song:

Edwards Family

SBE: I originally wrote this song as a Christmas gift for my family, and I sang it to them on Christmas Eve. It was inspired by President Monson’s 1990 Ensign article entitled The Search for Jesus. For the next 4 or 5 years, my dad would occasionally ask me, “Have you done anything with that song?” But other than a few hundred print copies I placed in a local music store, the answer was, “Not yet.”

My dad died suddenly and unexpectedly about two years ago. He was my first, and biggest fan. In my youth, I sat at the piano and practiced for hours and hours, and my dad would sit in a wing back chair in the corner and listen. Lots of people listened to me perform, but he was the only one who listened to me practice. That meant more to me than anything he could have ever given me.

I have kept thinking that the best way I could honor him would be to do something with the song. So I put it with the video and shared it a month ago at our Stake Music Night. I later posted it on YouTube and sent the link to 5 people. (3 of my kids live out of town, and I figured it would be an easy way for them to see it.) They shared it with a few people, and the rest is history.

I think it’s an incredible example of the power of the Internet for GOOD. 3 1/2 weeks ago, the song was still tucked away in my music file drawer. But now, it will be sung around the world this Christmas in Sacrament Meetings, firesides, Christmas Eve worship services, outdoor pageants, Evangelical gatherings, small town churches, interfaith celebrations, seminary classes, neighborhood parties, and (my favorite) Family Home Evenings.

MoSop thanks Sister Edwards for sharing her story, and music with us!

Click To Listen: Do You Have Room? Shawna Belt Edwards



  1. I love this song and video of Do You Have Room. It has greatly touched many lives and has helped me to remember the true meaning of Christmas. Shawna Edwards does have an official music website. It is http://songsbyshawna.com/Site/Home.html. Hopefully, people can become more aware of her website where you can download MP3 and the actual video of Do You Have Room. There are also other songs that she has written as well.


  2. This year we wanted to put together a ward Christmas program that really focused on the Savior. We put together a musical program that highlights the symbols of Christmas and how they all represent the Saviors mission, including Santa. I have been looking for a song to close the program with. I had given up and chosen a song that I felt would do the job. This morning I said a prayer that I would be able to make everthing come together and that the program would touch the hearts of our ward and the many who come for a good meal. This morning when I checked my email I saw a number of forwards. I usually delete them, but I decided to look at this one. I heard the song, and thought it was perfect. Then I thought “How will I ever get the music in less than a week.” After some searching I saw that you were allowing people to download it for free! I am so amazed by your generousity. Thank you for the song and the music. You have answered my prayers.


  3. Hello Shawna,

    I would like to thank you for this beautiful music. It gives people hope and to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas. I was browsing one day for meaningful Christmas music to use for our church on our early morning congregational celebration on December 24th and I saw your post on YouTube. I could not help but cry. I was so touched by the lyrics and the music. Finally, a music that brings the true meaning of Christmas. I would like to request permission for my 26 yr old daughter to sing your song. She has been very busy with work and social life so much that I was prompted to invite her to join us on Dec 24th. I was so happy when she said yes, with less effort on my part. To make my story short, I would like my daughter to find a room in her heart for our Saviour Jesus Christ using her beautiful vocals that God gave her…

    On another note, since my remission from breast cancer 12 years ago, I promised our Lord that I will be of service to him for as long as I live…

    A Blessed Christmas to you and your loved ones…



    1. Vilma, thank you for your touching comment. I will be forwarding it to Shawna so that she can read it personally. Shawna has been swamped with emails, so until she can get to you, I know that she would be delighted if your daughter sang the piece at your church service. Download the song and the sheet music by clicking HERE. Shawna has offered it free of charge. Congratulations on being a breast-cancer survivor! I am positive that the Lord will continue to work through you and send tender mercies as you serve Him.
      God bless you and your family with a meaningful and joyous Christmas. – MoSop


    1. The video was removed by YouTube due to a copyright dispute. A new video is in the process of being created, and will be available on YouTube soon. Until then, you may share the url link to this page.


  4. Hello,
    I love the music to “Do You Have Room for The Savior?” but the previous music video Shawna seemed to be much more moving–it had real people in it, acting out scenes instead of illustrations. Is there anyway to see the version that was from about two years ago again? I miss it.


  5. I have just recently heard this song and would love to share this blessing with my church. Is there anyway I am able to get an accompaniment track! Or even just the chords to have it played? It would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you, Denise Harper


  6. Beautiful… How have I missed this song! You gave us another beautiful song to sing at Christmas! What a gift! I am writing one this year. I can only hope it is as great as yours! Have you written more music? Thanks again Mary Hiett


  7. I heard this for the first time this evening as I was driving home, very tired from an exhausting day. I turned up the volume on the car radio and tried to catch every word. It is a truly a beautiful song, and it touched my soul. Like Vilma, whose post is a few above mine, I am a breast cancer survivor who understands the meaning of dedication to God’s work. I hope to learn the song and be able to sing it next Christmas at my ladies group’s concert. Thank you so much for this wonderful song and the message it delivers!


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