New Optimism

OptimismOn today’s Wordpress home page there is a simple poll. The question reads:

“Are you optimistic for 2010?”

The 24-hr. vote shows that the answer “Yes” garnered 84%. Wow! It is nice to know that despite a world filled with troubles, we can still find a majority filled with optimism.

This knowledge makes me feel more cheerful and more optimistic, seeing that vote of confidence!

After consulting two online-dictionaries for the word “Optimism“, here are a couple of definitions I enjoyed: 

1. “Having a state of positive beliefs”

2. “The belief that the universe is improving and that good will ultimately triumph over evil.”


Take a minute to read some other words in the family of optimism:

anticipation, assurance, brightness, buoyancy, calmness, certainty, cheer, confidence, easiness, elation, enthusiasm, exhileration, expectation, good cheer, happiness, idealism, positivism, sureness, trust…

And one my personal favorites … Hope!

It is my hope that reading those words filled you up with as much positive energy as it did for me! Today, I join with you in sharing New Optimism for our New Year!

The Power of HOPE


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