What To Celebrate Now? Get Creative With Flagpoles

Celebrating Jan 2nd

Well, here we are. January 2nd. For the past month I have posted [nearly] every day. Naturally, the built-in theme for the first 3 weeks of December focused on the joy and anticipation of Christmas, and then the last week we spent some time saying goodbye to the old year, writing resolutions, and generally welcoming in the New Year.

OK. Now what?

Birthday? Nope. Celebrated in December. [didn’t write a post, because frankly there’s nothing significant or exciting attached to age 43, other than the fact it’s nice to get to be alive another year, but I’d rather not declare my age to the world … which, of course, I guess I just did …. ]

Anniversary? Nope. Once again, in December. This year WAS a very significant one – our 20th, to be exact. I didn’t officially dedicate a post to it because I had this completely fantastic idea that I couldn’t pull off in time, and so, like the paralyzed perfectionist I often am, I didn’t commemorate it formally on the blog at all. [sorry sweetheart].

At times like these, a blogger must either get really creative, or just start conducting random Google searches, until she stumbles upon a site dedicated to BIZARRE AND UNIQUE HOLIDAYS, where one can learn that on every January 2nd it’s time to celebrate:

Run-Up-The-Flag-And-See-If-Anyone-Salute’s DAY!

Yes, you heard me! I’m not making this up. Today’s “holiday” actually has nothing to do with a Flag, or a Flagpole, or even Saluting, for that matter. The whole thing is “Just an expression of speech“. It means to suggest an idea to see what people think, or to see if they even notice. From the website I quote:

Run it Up the Flagpole to See if Anyone Salutes Day is set aside to allow people to do just that. Be creative today.  Use this day to try and test new ideas and concepts.  Don’t limit the ideas to business applications. In your personal life, try out a new dress or clothing style, perhaps a different haircut. Or, maybe buy a new houseflag and run it up the flagpole to see if anyone salutes…or even notices…

So there you go. Today is your big chance to share a UNIQUE IDEA, and then watch to see if anyone notices.

Got any ideas? Do tell!

I promise to notice.


  1. I like this topic. how a bout mismatched sox (just to start)

    sing deerhoof song’s *really loud* with you windows open (first try it without reading the lyrics)

    this is fairly week, I be back when I think of something other than simple starting

    so yeah, I am starting celebrating, right now


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