Payson Temple Surprise!

Utah County
Utah County

Yesterday I stopped off at my salon to get a broken nail fixed. As usual, a small TV in the back of the room was on. It happened to be queuing up the 6:00 news. Suddenly, I was hearing Utah would be getting another Latter-day Saint [Mormon] Temple! This is our state’s 15th LDS temple, and the 3rd for Utah County.

Payson Temple Site

The new temple will be located in Payson City, Utah – a growing rural community with population 17,500 located approx. 20 miles south of Provo City (home to Brigham Young University, and the Missionary Training Center). Payson is about a 1 hour drive south of Salt Lake City. This will bring the total number of LDS temples worldwide, already in operation or in the planning and construction phases, to 152.

Pres. Young

It is reported that Brigham Young, 2nd president of the LDS church, prophesied that a temple would one day be built in Payson. President Young often stayed at the John B. Fairbanks house on Main Street on his way to St. George.

LDS Gen. Conference

Amidst my joy at this news, I have to say, I was truly surprised. Usually, new LDS temples are announced during a session of the semi-annual General Conference of the church. It’s a moment of anticipation. The prophet comes to the pulpit, he smiles and talks just a little slower to savor the moment, and we all lean in closer to hear the ‘big reveal’. However, Payson wasn’t on the list last October. Not that I’m complaining – I think it’s fabulous! Way to go, Payson! Way to go President Monson for not waiting until April!

From the official announcement we read:

Artists’ renderings, the size of the temple, groundbreaking dates and other information will be released as they become available.

In other words, there’s still some mystery and anticipation remaining! At the press conference, President Thomas S. Monson stated:

Mt. Timp Temple

 “Temples answer those soul-searching questions of the purpose of life, of why we are here and where we are going. They are sanctuaries from the storms of life and bless the lives of members of the Church who worship within their sacred walls.”


Video: Why Mormons Build Temples


  1. Awesome, one more temple to add to the list!! I agree, I’m surprised they didn’t announce it in General Conference! Maybe the construction of new temples is happening so fast we will have to get used to this? 🙂


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