3 Keys To A Great Life

To say I do a lot of reading would be an understatement. Books, magazines, newspapers, blog posts, articles, commentary…online and offline…you name it, I can be found turning, flipping, scanning and scrolling down. Often during these ‘word feasts’ I come across a quote that sticks in my brain, and then churns around and around until it’s soft, and warm, and smooth as homemade butter taffy.

“To live greatly, we must develop the capacity to face trouble with courage, disappointment with cheerfulness, and triumph with humility.”

– Thomas S. Monson – Canaries With Grey On Their Wings

This week, I’ve had the privilege to stumble across several powerful examples of marvelous ordinary people. Let me share a few that I think exemplify Living Greatly.

1. Face Trouble With Courage:

Ann Marie Hyer is a vivacious young 20-something student attending Brigham Young University. She has chosen to selflessly and courageously devote her summers to humanitarian service in third world countries. Most recently, Hyer is in India and was assigned with a medical service team to visit a forgotten leper colony. Ann Marie’s blog post about her experience, entitled “HANDS is filled with images and stories that will forever stay in your memory and heart as examples of true Courage.  [includes medically graphic photos]

2. Disappointment with Cheerfulness

Brigham Reneer was born with Hunter Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that causes delayed development, chronic infection, and many other physical and emotional challenges. In his fourteen short years on earth, Brigham lived with daily disappointment and endured pain with cheerfulness. His parents are an equally strong example of this important Key To Greatness. One year ago, Brigham was called Home – but his spirit lives on, and continues to inspire. Watch THE FIRST YEAR.

3. Triumph With Humility

When a  26-year-old blogging LDS woman named Kenzie decided to share her “life lesson” list, she didn’t realize the huge positive impact. Her post – When All Else Fails, Do a Happy Dance – was featured on the WP Freshly Pressed homepage, and garnered thousands of visits and hundreds of comments. Kenzie responded by humbly thanking every single commenter. One of Kenzie’s many awesome ‘Life Lessons’ reads;

“In the “race of life” there will be times that I fall. Falling is okay, staying on the ground is not.”


  1. Thank you for the quote by Thomas S. Monson:
    “To live greatly…”
    It really hit home, it answers questions I’ve
    been praying about,due to recent life chaging events WOW!!!
    small voices.
    Take care Brother


    1. Unabridged – like I say, we never really know the impact we might be having. Thanks for making yours so positive – and thanks for your visit!


  2. Goodness. Just saw this. How kind. I will have to share this sweet post. I hope you saw her post’s entitled “Seeing” and “Look Up.” You’d appreciate them. You have a beautiful blog. I’ll be back…


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