Mormon Conference Offers Living Scripture

This Saturday and Sunday, Mormons throughout the world will be gathering to listen to the 180th Semi-Annual General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Conference is always a very special event, which is anticipated with great excitement!

LDS Conference Center
Image by whistlepunch via Flickr

Last year, I wrote a post entitled Conference Countdown April 2010 which gives a background on what to expect at a Latter-day Saint General Conference, and includes two video clips worth watching.

Today, I am sharing a video which illustrates the number one reason why General Conference is so important to Mormons [and why it should be so important to the world]. At this bi-annual meeting, we will be hearing a living prophet and apostles address the world after much fasting, pondering and prayer. They have carefully prepared their talks through inspiration of the Holy Spirit, and will speak the words which Jesus Christ wants them to say, and wants us to hear! Their words literally become living scripture for the world!

A Living Prophet

Speakers at General Conference will include the current prophet and president of the church, Thomas S. Monson, his two counselors Dieter F. Uchtdorf and Henry B. Eyering, each of the 12 Apostles, selected members of the general authorities and a few leaders of the general auxilliary programs such as the Sunday School, women’s Relief Society, or children’s Primary. Each of these talks will be tailor-made to touch the hearts and souls of the listener. Each talk becomes a treasure. However, it is our Prophet and Apostles talks which are considered the very most sacred. These men have been called by God to be special witnesses on earth of Jesus Christ until the day they die. Because of that, their Conference talks inspire an urgency and duty to listen, study and heed. You don’t have to wait until General Conference to hear them speak. Take a moment to enjoy some living scripture right now by watching this short video!

To find LDS General Conference in your area click here.


  1. I LOVE this post! It feels as if when reading it, the words are exactly those that would have (and do) spring from my own heart-felt testimony! Absolutely inspiring, well-said, thoughtful, and full of invitations to enjoy more! I would have loved to have simply ‘shared’ this post to my Blog as is, but that isn’t an option, so I hope you don’t mind, when I do a post very much like yours. Thank-you!


    1. @bevanmission – Thank you for your enthusiasm! WordPress has an option to repost something you read as a “guest post” with full credit and trackback to the original author. I’m not sure blogspot has that kind of option. However, please feel free to share a link to my post. 🙂
      Best wishes for a wonderful Conference Weekend! – MoSop


  2. That particular video shown in this post is an excellent introduction to General Conference. I certainly will be viewing each session along with my wife. We are also looking forward to the music provided by the Tabernacle Choir!


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