The Road Less Traveled Song

David Osmond

One of my very favorite poems is “The Road Less Traveled” by Robert Frost. I was pleased to see that Mormon musician David Osmond has chosen this as the title for his newest album which released August 10, 2010. In his short life, David has already lived through some pretty intense experiences, including everything from performing on the American Idol stage, to spending time being wheelchair bound. I think this is a beautiful song, with a beautiful message, and deserving to share as a MoSop Movie.

copyright free image shared @Wikimedia Commons

In keeping with my goal to promote good music and good messages, here is the little video tribute I created to David Osmond, and to all of those who choose the Road Less Traveled in life. Yes, it’s often the hardest road, but invariably, it is the most rewarding.

Cheers! – MoSop

No copyright infringement is intended! The title song was given to the public as a free MP3 promotion from Shadow Mountain at All images used in this video are copyright-clear and license-free from WikiMedia Commons.


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